Thursday: Pokémon Duel - Update & New Figures + Pokémon GO - Japanese Event + Nintendo Badge Arcade + Pokémon Sun & Moon - Episode Pictures

02-03-2017 08:07 GMT / 03:07 EST by Serebii

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Nintendo Badge Arcade

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Nintendo Badge Arcade

The free piece of Nintendo 3DS software, Nintendo Badge Arcade, had its weekly update in Japan. This week it has once again introduced multiple panels of badges of Pokémon to earn. These panels include various more new Pokémon to the ones previously obtainable. We're currently cataloguing all of these badges and will update our Nintendo Badge Arcade section shortly
Edit @ 19:49: All 7 panels and 44 badges have been added

Pokémon Comaster

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Pokémon Duel - Update

The smartphone game, Pokémon Duel, has had a new update. This patch takes it to version 3.0.2 and contains a variety of bug fixes and requires 163MB of space on your mobile device to download. It is required to update in order to play the game
This patch contains various bug fixes, as well as the balance updates for the Charizard, Metagross, Zygarde & Tyranitar announced yesterday. It also added 11 new figures to the Boosters. The two EX figures are Zekrom & Reshiram. Rare figures are Flygon & Whimsicott. The UC figures are Gothita & Solosis. In addition to that, two new Plates have been added, focusing on Reshiram, Zekrom and Zygarde.
They have also added an Orange Time Booster that may appear through League Matches until March 14th 2017. It's guaranteed to hold Fairy-type or Dragon-type Pokémon

Nintendo Badge Arcade

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Pokémon GO - Japan Promotion

To tie in with a special promotion in Japan, until March 13th 2017 in the Kumamoto & Oita Prefectures of Japan, the Pokémon Snorlax will be a lot more common than usual, allowing for more players to capture it. There is currently no word on if any similar promotions will run outside of Japan.

A Tiny Trio on a Big Adventure!!

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Pokémon Sun & Moon - Episode Pictures

As usual, we have done pictures from the episode that aired in Japan today. This episode features Rowlet and Popplio going missing after an accident at the beach. The AniméDex will soon been updated with the contents of this episode. Click the picture to go to the gallery but be warned however as they contain spoilers.

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