Friday: Pokémon GO - Johto Pokémon Coverage

17-02-2017 07:41 GMT / 02:41 EST by Serebii

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Pokémon GO

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Pokémon GO

Last night, the johto Pokémon became available in Pokémon GO and we have been working hard to compile all the data possible. We currently have updated with the Pokémon's details & movesets, as well as changes to most moves and we're currently working on dealing with Egg Distances as well as various other sections that will be updated throughout the day so be sure to keep checking back
09:09: Updated the Medals and Capture Mechanics section with up-to-date information
Edit @ 10:50: Created a page on Alternate Forms & Gender Differences
11:47: Created a page on Style & Clothing Options. Currently listing Male options. Female options coming shortly
12:32: Updated the Style & Clothing Options page with female clothing options

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