Wednesday: Pokémon Sun & Moon - Bank Update

25-01-2017 01:06 GMT / 20:06 EST by Serebii

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Pokémon Bank

Following the reveal of the contents of the update yesterday, the Pokémon Bank update is now available on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. This update adds compatibility for Pokémon Sun & Moon in Pokémon Bank and also updates Poké Transporter for the ability to send Pokémon from Green, Red, Blue and Yellow up to Pokémon Bank. It requires 496 blocks to download and a requires a full redownload of the software rather than a patch. In addition to this, Poké Transporter Version 1.2's patch requires 420 blocks.
We're currently cataloguing all the updates to Pokémon Bank so be sure to keep checking back as we update our pages
Edit @ 01:19: It has been confirmed by The Pokémon Company that the special Z Crystal, the Mewnium Z is to be distributed to Pokémon Sun & Moon players who use Pokémon Bank until October 2nd 2017
02:06: Confirmation that Mew obtained in Generation 1 games through glitches will not transfer over. All Pokémon have their Hidden Ability when transferred over as well.
02:18: Updated the Pokémon Bank Features page with details on the Pokédex and Adventure Records features and updated the Event Distribution page with details of the Mewnium Z
Edit: Updated the Poké Transporter page with details on what is determined in what way in Generation 1 transfer
Edit @ 15:59: As per multiple requests, I've updated our Natures Game Mechanic page with details to determine the Nature of the Pokémon when transferred from Generation 1 games

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