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29-09-2019 10:24 BST / 05:24 EDT by Serebii

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Pokémon Anime

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Pokémon - New Series

During the episode of the anime that aired in Japan this morning, the new Pokémon anime series, titled simply as Pocket Monsters in Japan, was finally revealed. Following the leak of the poster on Friday, it is confirmed that Ash will return in a journey around the Pokémon world. In the announcement, it showed a trailer featuring Ash and a new trainer called Gou (ゴウ Goh/Go) and their partner Scorbunny. The first episode is set to air on November 17th in Japan in a one hour special. More details are expected with next week's anime episode
Edit @ 10:36: Go's goal is to get the Mythical Pokémon, Mew and to catch all Pokémon.
Edit @ 10:40: We have updated our sections to include a section dedicated to this saga


Final Battle! Ash VS Kukui!!

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Pokémon Sun & Moon - Episode Pictures

As usual, we have done pictures from the episode that aired in Japan today. This episode features the exhibition match in the Alola Pokémon League. The AniméDex has been updated with the contents of this episode page. Click the picture to go to the gallery but be warned however as they contain spoilers.

Pokémon of the Week - Gyarados

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Who's That Pokémon

Today marks one hundred & forty-ninth entry into the Generation VII competitive field with a Kanto Pokémon. These entries are created by the visitors for the visitors and then compiled by our writers Psynergy, Jellal, & Mcdanger. To get involved, Click here for the discussion forum
Today, we are covering a Pokémon introduced in the first generation. A tale is told of a town that angered Gyarados. Before the sun rose the next day, flames utterly consumed the town, leaving not a trace behind. There are people who swear that any place Gyarados appears is fated for destruction. It fires hyper beams in all directions, burning the surrounding area to ash. There are some regions where it’s called “the deity of destruction.” The energy from evolution stimulated its brain cells strongly, causing it to become very ferocious. So, here it is, the one-hundred & forty-ninth entry, Gyarados

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