Sunday: Pokémon GO - Deoxys Raid Day + Pokémon of the Week

11-09-2022 06:31 BST / 01:31 EDT by Serebii.

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Pokémon GO

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Pokémon GO

The Pokémon GO Deoxys Raid Day Event is now rolling out globally. This event runs from 14:00 local time until 17:00 local time today and focuses on Deoxys with increased shiny chance. Raids refresh every hour during this event
We have compiled all details of the event in our Deoxys Raid Day event section

Pokémon of the Week - Magearna

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Who's That Pokémon

Today marks the one-hundred & fourty-seventh entry into the Generation VIII competitive field with an Alola Pokémon. These entries are created by the visitors for the visitors and then compiled by our writers Psynergy, Jellal, Mestorn, Aminith & Mcdanger. To get involved, Click here for the discussion forum
Today, we are covering a Pokémon introduced in the seventh generation. This artificial Pokémon, constructed more than 500 years ago, can understand human speech but cannot itself speak. Its mechanized body is merely a vessel. Its true self is its Soul-Heart, an artificial soul. It synchronizes its consciousness with others to understand their feelings. This faculty makes it useful for taking care of people. So, here it is, the one-hundred & fourty-seventh entry, Magearna

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