Sunday: Pokémon GO - Fennekin Community Day + Pokémon of the Week

21-05-2023 01:00 BST / 20:00 EDT by Serebii.

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Pokémon GO

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Pokémon GO - Community Day

The Pokémon GO Community Day is rolling out globally. For three hours in each region, Fennekin will appear, enmass, in Pokémon GO with a chance of Shiny Fennekin appearing. During this event, when you evolve Braixen, the evolution will know the move Blast Burn, which is exclusive to this event. This coincides with 3* Catch Stardust, 2* Catch Candy, 3 hour Incense and more. This runs at these times:
It runs from 2pm to 5pm in your local time.
We have full details on our Fennekin Community Day page

Pokémon GO

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Pokémon GO

The next Pokémon GO event is starting to roll out in Asia Pacific regions. This event is the "Rising Shadows" event and features the addition of the Master Ball to the game, It runs from 10:00 local time to 20:00 local time on May 28th
We are currently compiling details of this event in our Rising Shadows event section

Pokémon Championships

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Pokémon Regional Championships

Today is Day 2 of the Pokémon Hartford Regional Championships 2023. Today features battles for three of the games in the current Play! Pokémon Circuit: TCG, GO and Pokémon Scarlet & Violet. All three games will be streamed in individual streams
The Pokémon VG Stream begins at 15:00 (BST) / 10:00 (EDT) / 07:00 (PDT)
The Pokémon TCG Stream begins at 16:00 (BST) / 11:00 (EDT) / 08:00 (PDT)
The Pokémon GO Stream begins at 14:45 (BST) / 09:45 (EDT) / 06:45 (PDT)
We have all the streams in our Play! Pokémon Stream Hub which allows for tabbing between all streams or loading all together

Pokémon of the Week - Toedscruel

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Who's That Pokémon

Today marks the twenty-fifth entry into the Generation IX competitive field with a Paldea Pokémon. These entries are created by the visitors for the visitors and then compiled by our writers Psynergy, Jellal, Mestorn, Aminith & Mcdanger. To get involved, Click here for the discussion forum
Today, we are covering a Pokémon introduced in the ninth generation. These Pokémon gather into groups and form colonies deep within forests. They absolutely hate it when strangers approach. It coils its 10 tentacles around prey and sucks out their nutrients, causing the prey pain. The folds along the rim of its head are a popular delicacy. So, here it is, the twenty-fifth Pokémon, Toedscruel

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