#0745 Lycanroc
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Picture Name Numbers Type
Lycanroc Artwork
Midday Form Midnight Form Dusk Form
English: Lycanroc
Japan: Lugarugan
French: Lougaroc
German: Wolwerock
Korean: 루가루암
National : #0745
Alola (SM): #104
Alola (USUM): #127
Isle of Armor: #158
Paldea: #090
Kitakami: #071
Classification Height Weight
Wolf Pokémon 2'07" / 3'07" / 2'07"
0.8m / 1.1m / 0.8m
55.1lbs / 55.1lbs
25kg / 25kg
Evolutionary Chain
Level 25 at Daytime in Sun/Ultra Sun Level 25 at Night in Moon/Ultra Moon Level 25 between 5pm & 6pm on Own Tempo Rockruff
Alternate Forms
Midday FormMidnight FormDusk Form
Midday FormMidnight FormDusk Form
Lycanroc's Forms are set upon evolution and unable to switch between them. They are set by the version of game on which you are playing. You can catch the other form in the wild during its corresponding time of day
Its Dusk Form can only be obtained by evolving Rockruff with the ability Own Tempo between 5pm and 6pm (Ultra Sun) or 5am and 6am (Ultra Moon)

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