#0479 Rotom
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Picture Name Numbers Type
Rotom Artwork
Rotom Fan Rotom Frost Rotom Heat Rotom Mow Rotom Wash Rotom Rotom Pokédex Rotom Phone Rotomi
English: Rotom
Japan: Rotom
French: Motisma
German: Rotom
Korean: 로토무
National : #0479
Sinnoh: #152
Mountain Kalos: #068
Galar: #372
Hisui: #194
Paldea: #310
Frost RotomElectric-typeIce-type
Heat RotomElectric-typeFire-type
Mow RotomElectric-typeGrass-type
Fan RotomElectric-typeFlying-type
Wash RotomElectric-typeWater-type
Rotom DexElectric-type
Classification Height Weight
Plasma Pokémon 1'00"
Evolutionary Chain
Alternate Forms
RotomFan RotomFrost RotomHeat RotomMow RotomWash Rotom
RotomFan RotomFrost RotomHeat RotomMow RotomWash Rotom
Rotom PokéDexRotom PhoneRotom DroneRotomiRotom Phone
Paldea Ver.
Rotom PokéDexRotom PhoneRotom DroneRotomiRotom Phone<br />Paldea Ver.
Rotom changes form by interacting with various appliances in the warehouse within various locations in the game.
The Rotom Pokédex is not usable as a Pokémon but is a device possessed by a Rotom which acted as a companion in games and featured prominently in the anime. This continued on with the Rotom Phone and then Rotom's possession of two other devices: a camera in stadiums and the PC

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