Decorating Photos

After catching Pokémon in Pokémon Smile, you get asked to decorate a photo that has been taken of you brushing your teeth. This is done through use of stickers. At the start of the game, you get access to 7 different stickers but you get more given to you each day

In addition to the standard stickers, if you catch a Pokémon, you will be able to decorate your photo with a sticker of that Pokémon as well.

In addition to stickers, you also have the ability to frame the photo with certain frames.

After you have decorated the photo, you can then save it on your device to share on social media.

Sticker List

Picture Name Method
Sticker 1 Beginning
Sticker 2 Beginning
Sticker 3 Beginning
Sticker 4 Beginning
Sticker 5 Beginning
Sticker 6 Beginning
Sticker 7 Day 1
Sticker 8 Day 2
Sticker 9 Day 3
Sticker 10 Day 4
Sticker 11 Day 5
Sticker 12 Day 6
Sticker 13 Day 7
Sticker 14 Day 8
Sticker 15 Day 9
Sticker 16 Day 10
Sticker 17 Day 11
Sticker 18 Day 12
Sticker 19 Day 13
Sticker 20 Day 14

Frame List

Picture Name Method

Frame 1 Beginning

Frame 2 Beginning

Frame 3 Beginning

Frame 4 Beginning