Golisopod, The Hard Scale Pokémon. With a flashing slash of its giant sharp claws, it cleaves seawater—or even air—right in two. It battles skillfully with its six arms, but spends most of its time peacefully meditating in caves deep beneath the sea. The shell covering its body is as hard as diamond. This Pokémon will do anything it takes to win. Its claws, which it can extend and retract at will, are its greatest weapons. Golisopod is sometimes accompanied by Wimpod.


Golisopod has a lot of tools to make it a powerful threat including two STAB priority moves, a healing attack, and high Attack. However, Golisopod is held back by its subpar Speed and then further handicapped with its terrible ability Emergency Exit. These two problems really cripple Golisopod's ability to play, and puts it in an awkward spot as its too powerful to drop below but is outclassed by other Pokemon such as Feraligatr.
Priorities - Priority is a major selling point on any Pokemon, a prime example is the dominance of Talonflame last generation. Golisopod is lucky to have both Aqua Jet and First Impression, both benefiting from STAB bonus. This combined with Golisopod's high Attack of 125 means it can chunk threats fairly safely, as well as revenge kill weakened threats.
High Physical Stats - Golisopod has both high Attack at 125 and high physical Defense at 140. This with its okay typing means Golisopod can look for switches on some common physical types, such as Fighting and Ground, and apply pressure with its high Attack and good priority options.

Speed - Golisopod's Speed is abysmal, it struggles to outpace even walls. This combined with Emergency Exit means you can get forced out before actually attacking.
Emergency Exit - This ability is a major downside to using Golisopod as it makes Golisopod unreliable for reasons mentioned above. Golisopod becomes more reliant on priority to work around this, but becomes predictable because of it.


Emergency Exit - Pokemon switches out when it reaches ˝ or less of its maximum health - This is just bad, but we have no real way around it, its your only option


Priority Attacker

-Leech Life
-First Impression
-Aqua Jet / Spikes / Toxic
Item Attached: Insect Plate / Choice Band
Ability: Emergency Exit
EVs and Nature:
168HP / 252Atk / 88Spd
Adamant Nature

Liquidation is Golisopod's strongest Water STAB, allowing Golisopod to really pressure threats such Gligar, Flygon, and Registeel. Leech Life is a nice secondary STAB and overall will be the secondary Bug STAB, and really helps make Golisopod more workable with Leech Life's buff now having increased base power while healing 50% of the damage dealt. First Impression is the primary Bug STAB, having slightly higher base power as Leech Life but being a priority move. However First Impression, as the name suggests, can only be used on the first turn Golisopod enters. Last slot is open based on the item you decide to use and what you need. With an Insect Plate both Spikes or Toxic can be used to apply pressure in other ways. Spikes allows for easier KOs while Toxic helps Golisopod handle bulky Water threats such as Milotic that Golisopod has a hard time with. With a Choice Band, Aqua Jet is better as its a more spammable priority move due to not being locked to a single turn use like First Impression. EVs are important here as 88 Speed allows Golisopod to outpace base 50 Speed Pokemon such as Registeel, while the HP EVs make Golisopod's HP an odd number meaning it will be 1 HP above the cut off for Emergency Exit so you can switch into Stealth Rock twice without being immediately forced out the second time.

Other Options and Partners

Savage Spin-Out - Golisopod can use a Bugium Z for a powerful wallbreaking attack, and seeing as First Impression has a base 80 power, same as Leech Life, it's not as big of a deal which you use it on.

Hazard Control - Golisopod really struggles with entry hazards due to its typing and ability. Gligar is a nice option with its access to Defog and is able to reset up Stealth Rocks. Cryogonal is a strong Rapid Spinner option and its strong special bulk allows it to check some Electric threats that Golisopod struggles to handle. This also allows maintenance of Golisopod's Spikes whereas Gligar will remove them. Finally Espeon can be used due to Magic Bounce but needs a high level of prediction to take full advantage of it.
Nidoqueen - Nidoqueen is a nice partner with its Ground typing to answer Electric threats and resist Rock attacks, as well as provide Stealth Rock support. Nidoqueen also brings Toxic Spikes to the team to help soften up threats more for Golisopod.
Flygon - Like Nidoqueen, Flygon's typing complements Golisopod's weaknesses quite well and capitalizes on the holes Golisopod can punch in teams before Flygon hits the field, namely KOing threats such as Gligar.

Countering Golisopod

Electric threats - Golisopod struggles to handle Electric threats. While Rotom Cut can't switch into Golisopod due to its Bug STABs, and Rotom Heat has to fear Water STABs, both are faster. Galvantula is also a big threat as it can set up Sticky Web and make it harder for the rest of the team.
Physical Walls - With Golispod's weaker STAB options and overall lack of options, it struggles to handle physical walls such as Milotic and Chesnaught. Milotic can't do a ton to Golisopod outside of phasing which can hurt with hazards up, but Chesnaught can set up Spikes on Golispod with ease as well as just look for KOes with its Grass STABs
Entry Hazards - With Golisopod's Bug typing and Emergency Exit, entry hazards are a huge problem for Golisopod. Stealth Rock alone will take off 25%, while Spikes will remove 12.5%, 18.5%, or 25% depending on how many layers are set. This means with a layer of Spikes up and Stealth Rocks, Golisopod can only switch in once before Emergency Exit activates.

Locations in Games

Not in game

Not in game

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Not in game

Black 2/White 2:
Not in game

Not in game

Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire:
Not in game

Evolve Wimpod

Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon:
Evolve Wimpod

Animé Appearences

Golisopod has yet to make an appearance in the anime

# -English Episode Name- -Jap. Episode Name- Pics
1058 TBC Guzma, Emperor of Destruction! Pics

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