Primeape, The Pig Monkey Pokémon. It's Always Furious and tenacious. It will not leave fights or quit until it has been caught or it has won. It only stops being angry when nobody is around. It's difficult to view this. If approached while asleep, it'll become angry and give chase whilst half asleep. It becomes wildly furious if it senses that it's even being looked at. It chases anyone that meets it's glare. When it gets furious, it's blood circulation is boosted. This makes it's muscles stronger. However it loses intelligence while doing this

Battle Moveset

A Good Moveset for Primeape would have to be this:


Cross Chop
Bulk Up
Rock Slide

Items Attached:

Salac Berry

Preferred Nature:


Strategy Using Primeape

Primeape has been given two good stats, its Attack and speed are its strongest and this allows it to be a somewhat decent Physical sweeper. Its defenses however, are poor and it is easily fainted.
As for the set, Bulk up is a good choice to raise that attack strength and also add a little extra defense that it will need. Cross chop is a decent move when its base power is 150 with STAB, it also has a high chance of giving a critical hit.
Rock slide covers any Flying Pokemon that may cause this Pokemon some problems, due to it having a poor defense and being weak to flying Pokemon.
The last move can be replaced with moves such as Return, Aerial ace, etc, to whatever you think you may need to cover, type wise.
The EV spread is boosting the stats its relying on the most, hence the maxed out speed and attack. Primeape is a decent fighting type and it may not have the greatest stats in the game, but its still useable.

EV Corner:

Max out the EVs in Attack & Speed for Primeape with any remaining in Special Defense

Strategy Against Primeape

Primeape's Defenses are both about Average average however it's Physical is lower than it's Special, so a Physical Volley or Psychic or Flying type attacks should work wonders.

Contest Moveset

A good Contest Moveset for Primeape would have to be this for the Tough Contest best with Impish, Lax, Relaxed or Bold Nature:


Rock Slide
Seismic Toss
Hyper Beam

Items Attached:

Yellow Scarf

Strategy Using Primeape

If you do the attacks in this following order you should have very few problems; 1st - Earthquake, 2nd - Rock slide, 3rd - Seismic toss, 4th - Earthquake, 5th - Hyper beam

Locations in Games


Trade from FR/LG


Trade from FR/LG

Fire Red/Leaf Green

Route 23, Cerulean Cave, Victory Road

Animé Appearences

Primeape has had a fair few Animé Appearences. Firstly, Ash caught one that had stolen his hat. It was disobedient but learnt to trust Ash in the P1 Championship where he gave it to a trainer there. One was used in Dark City in the gym feud. After that, Team Rocket members Butch & Cassidy used one in their battles against Ash & Co. Other than that they were cameos.

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