Ariados, The Long Leg Pokémon. A single strand of a special string is endlessly spun out of its rear. The string leads back to its nest. It spins string not only from its rear but also from its mouth. It is hard to tell which end is which. Rather than making a nest in one specific spot, it wanders in search of food after darkness falls. It's feet are tipped with tiny hooked claws that enable it to scuttle on ceilings and vertical walls. It constricts the foe with thin and strong silk webbing.

Battle Moveset

A Good Moveset for Ariados would have to be this:


Signal Beam
Sludge Bomb

Items Attached:

Liechi Berry

Preferred Nature:


Strategy Using Ariados

Ariados doesn't have the greatest stats in the game. With its attack being the only reasonably decent stat, it can sweep, with luck.
Endure is needed to trigger swarm and Liechi berry (Its not like it will be able to survive many hits on its own), although you might want to get in one agility before using Endure (so you don't end up getting the attack increase and getting KO'ed before even having a chance to use it)
Signal beam and Sludge bomb will both get STAB, making them the two strongest attacks that Ariados will learn. But since Signal beam covers the only type that Sludge bomb is effective against, you could replace Sludge bomb with a move like Spider web or Baton pass (why not baton pass the Swarm + liechi berry + Agility increases to a different pokemon)
You could have both Spider web and Baton pass together, replacing Sludge bomb and Endure with them both, which will allow you to baton pass while trapping your opponent.
Chances are, Ariados won't last long in most battles, so you will probably have to rely on luck for most of the battle.

EV Corner:

Max out the EVs in Attack & Speed for Ariados with any remaining in Defense

Strategy Against Ariados

Ariados' Defenses are about average & near to equal so a Special or Fire/Flying Volley should work well

Contest Moveset

A good Contest Moveset for Ariados would have to be this for the Smart Contest best with Calm, Gentle, Careful, Sassy Nature:


Signal Beam
Body Slam
Night Shade

Items Attached:

Green Scarf

Strategy Using Ariados

If you do the attacks in this following order you should have very few problems; 1st - Signal beam, 2nd - Body slam, 3rd - Night shade, 4th - Psychic, 5th - Body slam

Locations in Games


Trade from E/C/FR/LG (Ruby/Sapphire), Evolve Spinarak (Emerald)


Snatched From Cipher Peon Lesar in Shadow Research Institute

Fire Red/Leaf Green

Evolve Spinarak

Animé Appearences

Ariados has had a few Animé Appearences. First one was used in a Ninja Contest against Ash & Aya. After that a trainer called Forrester used it in a Double Battle against Ash

Episode 178: Ariados Amigos!
Episode 229: For Ho-oh The Bells Toll!
Episode 290: All In A Day's Wurmple!

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