On November 5th in Japan, an update to My Pokémon Ranch was released. This update gives Ranch Pokémon Platinum compatibility. However, this is not all it gives as there are many various new aspects of the system implemented. This page shall show you these changes and detail them as much as possible

The Pokémon

Most notably, as Pokémon Platinum essentially introduces 7 new Pokémon in the manner of new forms of previous Pokémon and these can all be placed in Pokémon Ranch and have their forms remain while in the Ranch. However, this will have some affect on Pokémon Platinum

#487 Giratina

Like in Platinum, if you place Giratina in the Ranch with the Platinum Orb attached, Giratina will be in its Origin Forme and remain that way throughout his Ranch stay and stay in that form all the time.

#492 Shaymin

Shaymin is a completely different Pokémon to deal with form wise. If you have the Glacidia Flower in your game, Ranch will recognise this and will unlock a new Toy for you in the Ranch. This toy will appear randomly and so unfortunately is not guaranteed to appear. This toy is the Glacidia Flower. When placed in the ranch, Shaymin will always be Land Forme at all times. However, if you get the toy and Shaymin touches it, it will transform into it's Sky Forme for the duration of your Ranch visit. However, if you try to remove Shaymin from the Ranch while it is in it's Sky Forme, it will revert back to Land Forme

#479 Rotom

In Pokémon Platinum, Rotom was given 5 different forms. Each form represents Rotom possessing a different appliance. In each Platinum game, you can only have one of each form. However, if you deposit them in Ranch, they will take that appliance with them and thus you will be unable to get another of those forms unless you transfer Rotom back.

The Ranch

Various changes have occured for the Ranch too, most noteably, a 26th level of the ranch has been added, allowing you to deposit a total of 1500 Pokémon into the Ranch. Unfortunately, this does not give you any extra rewards, but is great for storage space. However, that is not all that has changed within the ranch

Animations & Toys

Firstly of note, there are 12 more animations that the Pokémon will partake in should the screen be left idle. These include water races, wrestling tournements between the fighting Pokémon, fights between Pokémon rivals (such as Zangoose VS Seviper, Dialga VS Palkia, Darkrai VS Cresselia and so forth), and a Rotom animation utilising all its forms.

11 new toys have also been added, including the aforementions Glacidia Flower. These add further levels of interactivity between your Miis and your Pokémon.

Menu Options

With this update, you also have the ability to change the background music from the default to one of several different options. With this, you can help set the Ranch to your mood and listen to the music you want.

You also have the bility of storing a further 10 photos on the game taking the total up to 30 in the game. You can also copy and delete photos over to or from the SD card in bulk, saving yourself a lot of time.

Club Look-see

There have also been some changes in regards to Club Looksee. Previously, you could only visit the member's ranchs whenever they visited yours and made an offer for you to go. However, with the Pokémon Platinum update, you now have the option of seeing who has visited you and then visit their Ranch once again. This adds more playability as you can check to see their unique Mii's and specific Ranchs at any time.

The number of Club Look-see members has also been increased from 37 up to a much rounder 40.

Another piece to note is that many of the old member's ranches have been updated with more Pokémon, both in quantity of the existing Pokémon and adding in other Pokémon into the Ranch so you should be sure to go back to double-check your favourite ranches and see what changes there are.

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