By itself, you can enjoy Pokémon Ranch through the Pokémon that Hayley has and the many ranches you may randomly go to. However, to get the full effect of Pokémon Ranch, you will need to transfer Pokémon over from your Diamond & Pearl games to Ranch

Obviously, you will need both this game on the Wii and DP on the DS. In the start-up menu on the Nintendo DS, while you have the Transfer Mode running, a new option will appear allowing you to connect with Pokémon Ranch. Select this and the two games will sync. Now, you will be able to interact with the games on your DS and on your Wii

Now, when you go to transfer Pokémon,a massive airship will come into the ranch. In-game, this is the vehicle that will deposit your Pokémon from Bebe's Box system into your ranch. This is purely an aesthetic feature to work with the game

Controlling it through the DS, you ahve the ability to drop entire Boxes of Pokémon down into the Ranch (depending on the amount of Pokémon currently in the Ranch and your current limits. Just place them down and their sprites will turn into the Pokémon models here and they will join the denizens of the Ranch.

You also have the ability of scrolling through the Pokémon that you have within the Ranch and transferring them back to your Diamond & Pearl games. This is especially handy due to the Pokémon you receive from Hayley in trades, proving that they aren't just stuck in the Ranch. This is a simple procedure and can be done at any time. But your Ranch will not reduce in level afterwards so you may wind up with an empty looking Ranch

Once finished, the airship will leave and you can resume your usual Ranch activities, now with all new Pokémon transferred

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