Capture Cards are a new concept brought into Pokémon Ranger that allow for the manipulation of the battles in your favour. As the attacks the Pokémon utilise do a various amout of damage and you only have a finite amount of HP, you'll be wanting to minimise the damage and to also boost the strength so the battle is shorter. Well Capture Cards do just that. They're all obtained through the completion of quests and there are 47 different Capture Cards throughout the game. Below is a run down of the types of Capture Cards and what they do
Attack Type Cards
Like in the Pokémon games, there are 17 types for the Pokémon and their attacks, as such, there are 17 types of attack capture cards. Each of these will lower the amount of damage received from an attack of that type. However, this is not necessarily specific to a Pokémon, for example Celebi, a Grass Pokémon in Ranger, uses Psychic attacks so you have to tread carefully if you haven't got any for that type. For each type, there are two different capture cards;

Card 1: -3 Card 2: Card 1 - 3 (-6)

This means, for every attack of that specific type, 3 or 6 points of damage will be removed from the attack, possibly even making the attack inert.

There is also another Capture Card optained after completing all the quests which gives each type an additional boost of -1 taking the final amount of damage received from attacks down 7 points.

Styler Enhancement Cards

There are also 12 Capture Cards which, instead of removing damage, instead enhance the Capture Styler through various means. There are 7 different types of these cards and they are as follows:

Assist Time: These two cards each boost the time that you are able to use the Pokémon Assists for
Long Line: These two cards both boost the Capture Styler's line length by half the original length. This allows for bigger circles to capture Pokémon in
Power Plus: These two cards both boost the damage the Styler inflicts upon the Pokémon by 3 each
Recovery: These two cards heal you whenever you successfully capture a Pokémon. With one card it heals by 1HP, with both it recovers by 3HP
Latent Power: These two cards boost the strength of the Capture Styler's line
Combo Bonus: This card increases the amount of damage inflicted upon the Pokémon after 5 successful consecutive circles without releasing the line. It lasts until you are hit or you let go
Energy Plus: This card boosts your Styler's Hit Points by 5
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