Like the Pokémon Ranger game that preceeded: Shadows of Almia, this game also has a variety of missions for you to play through after you have completed everything in the main game. However, unlike the first game where you had to go to an event for the missions in Japan or where the missions were given to you from the get-go elsewhere, this time the missions are obtained via WiFi, some of them only for a limited time too making the windo for downloading them very small. There are six missions in total, three being classed as Special Missions and another three being classed as Extra Missions. The Special Missions, once ended, allow you to send Pokémon to your Diamond, Pearl or Platinum games (You can only send each Pokémon once, even if you wipe your game and do them again) while the Extra Missions are just in-game with no transfers possible. Below is a list of the missions and what you have to do within them;

Special Missions

Recover the Manaphy Egg
Available From: March 20th 2008 to June 15th 2008 (Japan), November 10th 2008 - January 30th 2009 (America), November 21st 2008 to February 14th 2009 (Europe)
Locations: Vientown

Starting off in Vein Town, you will be joined by the Ranger of the other gender as well as one of the local villagers. Seeing another local chase Its berry, you have to go and follow it. Go into the top-left house and you will see that the people there are missing one of their Happiny. Head to the north exit of the town and you will see another berry and the other Happiny run past you into town. this happens repeatedly so continue to follow her through the town until you get to the exit and see it leave town, heading towards Marine Cave. Follow it and when you get the beach you will discover the Manaphy Egg. Happiny will take the egg and run off, the mission will then officially begin.

Follow the route the way Happiny went, capture the two Buneary and use them to smash the rocks blocking your path. Continue one and you'll see Happiny and the egg on the cliffside with a Pichu and a Glameow who quickly attack, and so require capturing. Once captured, the egg will start glowing and the mission will be over, with you returning the Ranger station

Once done, you can send this Manaphy Egg over to your game and be able to hatch it into a lovely Manaphy:

Manaphy Egg
Rescue Kidnapped Riolu!
Available From: March 20th 2008 to June 15th 2008 (Japan), November 10th 2008 - January 30th 2009 (America), November 21st 2008 to February 14th 2009 (Europe)
Locations: Ranger School, Oil Field Hideout

Starting off in Vein Town, you will arrive as there is some commotion going on. Soon after, Kaito arrives and will tell you that Its Riolu is stuck on the roof of the Ranger School. Riolu jumps down, just as a member of Team Dim Sun arrives, who sets two Tangrowth on you. Capture them and you'll see another Dim Sun member has taken control of Riolu. They quickly escape and you go back to the Ranger Station and this is where your mission begins

Your mission takes place on the Offshore Oil Platform hideout, knowing this from past missions, follow it through the same way as before, capturing Pokémon as you feel necessary. As certain areas are blocked off, this is a rather linear line, battling Grunts as you go. Eventually you'll end up in a darkened room, having to rely on Kite on what way you should go. There's a Dusclops down here that you should catch just to make Riolu's fight easier, and be sure to catch the other Pokémon too to help you. Follow the path to the exit and continue on, where you'll meet up with the Dim Sun grunts who have Riolu. this acts as a boss fight so make sure you have decent backup. Its first attack is sernding out a stream of Aura Spheres out directly in front of it while Its second one is a simple close-quarters punch and Its third sends out a quick burst of 5 Aura Sphere's. Its HP also recovers quickly so don't leave it too long without being circled. Once captured, the mission is over and you return home.

Once done, you can send this Riolu over to DPP, with it knowing a special attack it cannot normally learn; Aura Sphere:

Riolu ♂
Lv. 30
OT:: Kaito
ID: 03208
Ability: Steadfast

Aura Sphere
Shadow Claw
Bullet Punch
Drain Punch
Liberate the Tower
Available From: March 20th 2008 to June 15th 2008 (Japan), December 1st 2008 to January 31st 2008(America), December 1st 2008 to February 14th 2009 (Europe)
Locations: Altru Tower
The mission starts straight away placing you at the top of Altru Tower. There have been reports of Team Dim Sun recongregating here and you need to put a stop to it. Go downwards into the tower and you'll see Team Dim Sun blockading the workers of the tower. Battle them and go get an Ampharos from the east room or an Electrode from the West and use it to destroy the gate at the top of the tower and go in. Follow the tower all the way up, battling grunts as you go and capturing Pokémon that you wish to take with you. Eventually you'll get to a room that is powering a barrier that needs Thunder * 3 on it. Capture the nearby Luxray and use it here. After that, Darkrai will appear and suck you into its Dark Void, letting you escape from the room you were just locked in. Darkrai will take you to the room you originally battled it in and he will join your team, allowing you to use Its Field Ability, Dark Power, later in the mission. Move on from the room, heading upwards until you hit the control room where you see Dim Sun's boss utilising the crystals to try and repeat their mission. You will get surrounded by Dim Sun grunts so use Darkrai's Dark Power here. this will make all the grunts go into the void, and get dropped off by Vein Town. The boss then challenges you with her Drapion and Gliscor. Once captured, the mission will end.

Once done, you can send this Darkrai over to DPP:

Lv. 50
OT:: Almia
ID: 03208

Dark Void
Dark Pulse
Shadow Ball
Double Team

Extra Missions

Dialga in Hia Valley?
Available From: June 16th 2008 to July 18th 2008 (Japan), January 5th ??? (America), January 12th 2009 to ??? (Europe)
Locations: Almia Castle

The mission starts with you at your house in Chicole Village, exit the house and go north until you encounter the Ranger with Staraptor. She will show you Almia Castle where a temporal portal has appeared and tell you to go investigate and thus your mission begins. You immediately fly to the bridge in Almia Castle. Go right and in that room you will discover a door that requires Mismagius's Psycho Power in order for you to pass so capture the two nearby Vulpix and go left and use them to light the torches. Mismagius is within the room. Capture it and use it here. Be sure to capture any Ice Pokémon you find as you'll need them. Continue on and you will find the exit is blocked by a giant iceberg that requires Flame * 4. this is sorted by as Ninetales in the room to the right, which itself is blocked off by an Iceberg needing Flame * 2, obtainable by a Houndoom in the room to the left.

Once those have been sorted you'll hit the main room which has the portal in with Dialga. this is a boss fight so it has the huge HP bar. If you captured Ice Pokémon, use their assists to freeze it and do damage. Its first attack is a powerful hyper beam that will leave it to recharge for a couple of seconds giving you perfect opportunity to attack. Its second sends out multiple blue flames that damage you across the stage. Its third attack drops several balls onto the stage causing explosions where they land, these do massive damage so lift your styler up no matter what. If you do not capture it within sufficient time however (about a minute and a half), you will be thrown out of the battle and back in time to Chicole Village, having to repeat it all until you capture it. Once captured, it will leave and the mission is over.

Palkia in Haruba Desert!?
Available From: June 16th 2008 to July 18th 2008 (Japan), January 5th ??? (America), January 12th 2009 to ??? (Europe)
Locations: Habura City, Hippowdon Temple, Ranger Union, Altru Tower, Vein Town, Chicole Village, Volcano Cave, Chroma Ruins

When the mission starts, you will be told that everything in Almia is going wrong, buildings are being warped, people moved to other places, doors going to where they shouldn't go. The explanation is that a portal has opened and Palkia has come through. You have to go and investigate this and prevent Palkia from causing any more damage. Exit the Ranger HQ and you'll find yourself in the Habura Desert. Go into the top-right building in the town and you'll end up entering the Hippowdon Temple. Follow it through as normal, however the Pokémon there are totally abnormal, you will find Pokémon such as Arcanine and Fearow here, as well as other people such as a fisherman fishing in the quicksand. Once you exit that room, you end up by the Ranger Union...There's a Piloswine and Swinub here that will inevitably be useful later so capture them. Continue through the rooms, dotting around Almia as you go, capturing Pokémon where you see fit as there are many powerful Pokémon enroute. Eventually you'll end up back at the heart of Hippowdon Temple and you'll see Palkia and the portal

In Palkia's battle, also a boss fight, you will have to move your styler off a lot of the time due to the place that the fight is taking place constantly changes. Its first attack, like Dialga's is a hyper beam that makes it pause slightly afterwards leaving it wide open. Its second attack shoots several energy balls out in three waves. With his third attack being the place change, you will discover further obstacles, such as fire coming up in the Volcano Cave and ice shards appearing on the Ice Field. Once you return to Hippowdon Temple, his third attack is a powerful shockwave, while energy balls circle the stage. Once captured, it will leave and the mission is over, with the world returning to normal.

For the Bride & Shaymin
Available From: July 19th 2008 to August 31st 2008 (Japan), March 1st 2009 to April 30th 2009 (America), March 1st 2009 to March 31st 2009 (Europe)
Locations: Pueltown

Beginning this mission, you are taken to a wedding in Pueltown where all the local Rangers are attending. Talk to everyone there and the wedding will begin. However, some Team Dim Sun members quickly appear and the bride's bouquet reveals itself to be Shaymin. Scared by Team Dim Sun, Shaymin runs off and it is your task to find it before Team Dim Sun do. Go to the West Part of town and you'll see it inamongst some flowers. Approach it and a Dim Sun grunt appears and sets Absol & Umbreon on you. Capture them and then head off to the east, following Shaymin as it runs off again. You'll find it once again in a flowery patch. Approach it and you'll be attacked yet again. This time by two Bellossom and a Roserade. Capture them and Shaymin will run off to the west and you'll find it on the bridge above town trapped by Team Dim Sun. They'll run off but Shaymin will attack you.

Shaymin's battle is also a Boss Fight. However, as there are loads of Fire and Flying Pokémon in town, you may be able to have the advantage. Plus Shaymin doesn't have a lot of HP too making capture even easier. His first attack has Shaymin use Seed Bomb, firing seeds out that cause massive damage. His second is a flurry of Razor Leaves sent out around him, while making three more surround him for a short period of time and finally his third attack places some Frenzy Plant buds up that cause damage if your styler his them. Once captured, Shamyin will calm down and the Wedding shall continue. Shaymin is not transferrable to Diamond & Pearl

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