Ranger: Shadows of Almia, like the first Ranger game, does not feature a complete Pokédex. Instead, it features its own Ranger Browser filled with a specific amount of Pokémon from a variety of regions, some without their evolutions. Below are the Pokémon and where they're found:

Ranger No. Picture Name Type Field Ability Assist Location
R-001 Pichu Electric Recharge * 1 Recharge Ranger School
Vien Forest
Marine Cave
R-002 Pikachu Electric Recharge * 3 Recharge Vien Forest
Crysta Lake
Volcano Cave
Chroma Highway
Chroma Highlands
Chroma Ruins
R-003 Raichu Electric Recharge * 4 Recharge The Ice Lake
Almia Castle
Volcano Cave
R-004 Bidoof Normal Crush * 1 Normal Ranger School
R-005 Bibarel Water Soak * 2 Water Cargo Ship
Vien Forest
Ranger Union
Union Road
Peril Cliff-side
R-006 Taillow Flying Cut * 1 Flying Ranger School
School Road
Vien Forest
R-007 Swellow Flying Cut *2 Flying Union Road
Peril Cliff-side
R-008 Budew Grass Tackle * 1 Grass Union Road
Peril Cliff-side
R-009 Roselia Grass Cut * 2 Grass Vien Forest
R-010 Roserade Grass Cut * 3 Grass Vien Forest (After Quest, Requires River Flow)
R-011 Squirtle Water Soak * 1 Water Ranger School
Marine Cave
R-012 Wartortle Water Soak * 2 Water Vien Forest
R-013 Blastoise Water Rain Dance Water Vien Forest
R-014 Zubat Flying Cut * 1 Flying Ranger School
Marine Cave
R-015 Golbat Flying Crush * 2 Flying The Crysta Lake
R-016 Crobat Flying Crush * 3 Flying Altru Building
R-017 Gastly Ghost Psy Power * 1 Ghost Ranger School
R-018 Haunter Ghost Psy Power * 2 Ghost Almia Castle
Oil Field Hideout
R-019 Gengar Ghost Psy Power * 3 Ghost Hippowdon Temple
Altru Building
Altru Tower
R-020 Buneary Normal Crush * 1 Normal School Road
Vien Forest
R-021 Lopunny Normal Crush * 2 Normal Vien Forest
R-022 Happiny Normal Crush * 1 Normal Vien Forest
R-023 Starly Flying None Flying Vientown Beach (Starter)
Hippowdown Temple (During Quest)
R-024 Staravia Flying Cut * 2 Flying Peril Cliff
R-025 Staraptor Flying Fly Flying After first activating:
Chicole Path
School Road
Vien Forest
Haruba Desert
Altru Park
Ranger Union
The Ice Lake
Chroma Highway
Chroma Highlands
Shiver Village
Oil Field Hideout
R-026 Pachirisu Electric None Electric Vientown Beach (Starter)
Ranger School (During Quest)
R-027 Munchlax Normal None Normal Vientown Beach (Starter)
? (During Quest)
R-028 Makuhita Fighting Crush * 2 Fighting Cargo Ship
R-029 Hariyama Fighting Crush * 3 Fighting Volcano Cave
R-030 Bonsly Rock Tackle * 1 Rock Ranger School (May need Soak * 1)
Vien Forest (May need Soak * 1)
R-031 Sudowoodo Rock Crush * 2 Rock Chroma Highway (May need Soak * 2)
Haruba Village (May need Soak * 2)
R-032 Slakoth Normal Cut * 1 Normal Ranger School (Tackle * 1 needed on Tree)
R-033 Seedot Grass Tackle * 1 Grass Chicole Path (Tackle * 1 needed on Tree)
R-034 Nuzleaf Grass Tackle * 2 Grass Chroma Highway
R-035 Shiftry Dark Cut * 3 Dark Vien Forest
R-036 Tangrowth Grass Tackle * 2 Grass Ranger School (Needs Crush * 2)
R-037 Shellos Water Soak * 1 Water Vientown Beach
Marine Cave
R-038 Gastrodon Water Soak * 2 Water Marine Cave
Volcano Cave
R-039 Glameow Normal Cut * 1 Normal Vientown Beach
R-040 Purugly Normal Tackle * 2 Normal Cargo Ship
R-041 Geodude Rock Crush * 1 Rock Marine Cave (May Need Soak * 1)
Peril Cliff (May Need Soak * 1)
R-042 Graveler Rock Crush * 2 Rock Marine Cave (May Need Soak * 2)
Peril Cliff (May Need Soak * 2)
Volcano Cave (May Need Soak * 2)
R-043 Golem Rock Crush * 4 Rock Hippowdon Temple
Altru Tower
R-044 Nosepass Rock Crush * 2 Rock Marine Cave
R-045 Probopass Rock Crush * 4 Rock Chroma Ruins (Needs Psy Power * 3)
R-046 Miltank Normal Tackle * 2 Normal Chroma Highway
R-047 Cherubi Grass Tackle * 1 Grass Vien Forest
R-048 Cherrim Grass Tackle * 2 Grass Peril Cliff
R-049 Shinx Electric Electrify * 1 Electric Vien Forest
R-050 Luxio Electric Electrify * 2 Electric Vien Forest
Cargo Ship
Oil Field Hideout
R-051 Luxray Electric Electrify * 3 Electric Oil Field Hideout
R-052 Turtwig Grass None Grass Vien Beachside (Quest)
R-053 Grotle Grass Tackle * 2 Grass Vien Forest
R-054 Torterra Grass Tackle * 4 Grass Vien Forest (Requires Tackle * 4)
R-055 Buizel Water Soak * 1 Water Vien Forest
R-056 Floatzel Water River Flow * 1 Water Vien Forest
Union Road
The Crysta Lake
R-057 Weedle Bug Tackle * 1 Bug Vien Forest
R-058 Beedrill Bug Crush * 2 Bug Vien Forest
Chroma Highlands
R-059 Combee Bug Cut * 1 Flying Vien Forest
Chroma Highway
R-060 Vespiquen Bug Crush * 3 Bug Chroma Highway (After Quest)
R-061 Tyrogue Fighting Crush * 1 Fighting Pueltown
R-062 Magnemite Electric Recharge * 2 Recharge Pueltown
Volcano Cave
Union Road
Peril Cliff
R-063 Magneton Electric Recharge * 5 Recharge Oil Field Hideout
Habura Desert
Hippowdon Temple
Altru Building
Altru Tower
R-064 Magnezone Electric Electrify * 3 Electric Cargo Ship (After beating as Boss)
R-065 Growlithe Fire Burn * 2 Fire Pueltown
Union Road
R-066 Arcanine Fire Burn * 4 Fire Altru Tower
R-067 Rattata Normal Tackle * 1 Normal Pueltown
R-068 Raticate Normal Cut * 2 Normal Pueltown
R-069 Chatot Flying Cut * 1 Flying Pueltown
R-070 Elekid Electric Electrify * 2 Electric Pueltown
R-071 Electabuzz Electric Flash Electric Cargo Ship
Chroma Ruins
Altru Building
R-072 Electivire Electric Electrify * 3 Electric Oil Field Hideout (After beating as Boss)
R-073 Magby Fire Burn * 1 Fire Pueltown
R-074 Magmar Fire Burn * 2 Fire Cargo Ship
Volcano Cave
R-075 Magmortar Fire Burn * 5 Fire Volcano Cave (After beating as Boss)
R-076 Voltorb Electric Electrify * 2 Electric Pueltown
Cargo Ship
R-077 Electrode Electric Electrify * 3 Electric Altru Building
R-078 Wingull Water Soak * 1 Water Pueltown
R-079 Pelipper Water Soak * 3 Water Volcano Cave
Habura Village
R-080 Croagunk Poison None Poison School Road (One Time Only)
R-081 Toxicroak Poison Crush * 2 Poison Unknown
R-082 Kricketot Bug None Bug Chicole Field (One Time Only)
R-083 Kricketune Bug Cut * 2 Bug Vien Forest
R-084 Cranidos Rock None Rock Vien Forest (Quest)
R-085 Rampardos Rock Tackle * 5 Rock Peril Cliff (After beating as Boss)
R-086 Finneon Water Soak * 1 Water Puel Sea
R-087 Lumineon Water Soak * 2 Water Puel Sea (After Quest)
R-088 Chinchou Electric Recharge * 2 Recharge Puel Sea
R-089 Lanturn Electric Recharge * 4 Recharge Sea of Wailord
R-090 Mantyke Water Tackle * 1 Water Puel Sea
R-091 Mantine Water Swim Water Puel Sea
Sea of Wailord
R-092 Qwilfish Water Soak * 1 Water Puel Sea
R-093 Corsola Water Crush * 2 Water Puel Sea
R-094 Staryu Water Cut * 1 Water Puel Sea
R-095 Starmie Water Cut * 3 Water Sea of Wailord
R-096 Sharpedo Water Crush * 4 Water Puel Sea
Sea of Wailord
R-097 Eevee Normal Crush * 1 Normal Pueltown (After Quest)
R-098 Vaporeon Water Soak * 3 Water Almia Castle
Altru Tower
R-099 Jolteon Electric Electrify * 3 Electric Habura Desert
R-100 Flareon Fire Burn * 3 Fire Volcano Cave
R-101 Espeon Psychic Teleport Psychic Hippowdon Temple
R-102 Umbreon Dark Cut * 3 Dark Chroma Ruins
R-103 Leafeon Grass Cut * 3 Grass Vien Forest
R-104 Glaceon Ice Crush * 3 Ice The Ice Lake
R-105 Mareep Electric Electrify * 1 Electric Union Road
R-106 Flaaffy Electric Electrify * 2 Electric Chroma Highway
R-107 Ampharos Electric Electrify * 3 Electric Altru Building
Altru Tower
R-108 Aipom Normal Tackle * 1 Normal Union Road
R-109 Ambipom Normal Crush * 2 Normal Vien Forest (After Quest)
R-110 Pineco Bug Tackle * 1 Bug Union Road
Peril Cliff
R-111 Forretress Steel Crush * 2 Steel Vien Forest
R-112 Spearow Flying Cut * 1 Flying Union Road
Peril Cliff
R-113 Fearow Flying Cut * 3 Flying Habura Desert
R-114 Oddish Grass Cut * 1 Grass Union Road (Requires Tackle * 1)
R-115 Gloom Grass Cut * 2 Grass Chroma Highlands (Requires Tackle * 2)
R-116 Vileplume Poison Cut * 3 Poison Chroma Highlands (Requires Tackle * 3)
R-117 Bellossom Grass Cut * 3 Grass Hippowdon Temple
R-118 Yanma Flying Cut * 2 Flying Union Road (Requires Tackle * 1 on Tree)
R-119 Yanmega Bug None Bug None (Fight in Rangers Union)
R-120 Larvitar Ground Crush * 1 Rock Peril Cliff
R-121 Pupitar Ground Crush * 2 Ground Chroma Ruins
R-122 Tyranitar Rock Crush * 4 Dark Hippowdon Temple
R-123 Pinsir Bug Cut * 2 Bug Peril Cliff
R-124 Numel Fire Burn * 1 Ground Peril Cliff
R-125 Camerupt Fire Burn * 3 Fire The Crysta Lake
R-126 Mankey Fighting Crush * 1 Fighting Peril Cliff
R-127 Primeape Fighting Crush * 3 Fighting Altru Building
Altru Tower
R-128 Gligar Ground Cut * 1 Flying Peril Cliff
R-129 Gliscor Ground None Flying None (Fight as boss in Oil Field Hideout)
R-130 Mawile Steel Crush * 2 Steel Peril Cliff
R-131 Aron Steel Tackle * 1 Steel Peril Cliff
R-132 Lairon Steel Tackle * 2 Steel Volcano Cave
R-133 Aggron Steel Tackle * 4 Steel Volcano Cave
R-134 Doduo Normal Agility Normal After First Activating:
Chicole Path
School Road
Ranger School
Vien Forest
Union Road
Ranger Union
Chroma Highway
R-135 Dodrio Normal Tackle * 2 Normal Chroma Highway
R-136 Carnivine Grass Cut * 2 Grass Chroma Highlands
R-137 Charmander Fire Burn * 1 Fire Ranger School (After crashing Cargo Ship)
Volcano Cave
R-138 Charmeleon Fire Burn * 2 Fire Volcano Cave
R-139 Charizard Fire Burn * 4 Fire Volcano Cave (After beating Heatran)
R-140 Slugma Fire Burn * 1 Fire Volcano Cave
R-141 Magcargo Fire Burn * 2 Fire Volcano Cave
R-142 Drifloon Ghost Air Lift Ghost Volcano Cave
R-143 Drifblim Ghost Elevate Ghost Volcano Cave
Chroma Ruins
Hippowdon Temple
R-144 Stunky Poison Crush * 1 Poison Volcano Cave
R-145 Skuntank Poison Bad Smell Poison Oil Field Hideout
R-146 Kangaskhan Normal Crush * 2 Normal Unknown (Fought in Chroma Ruins)
R-147 Shuppet Ghost Psy Power * 1 Ghost Volcano Cave
R-148 Banette Ghost Psy Power * 2 Ghost Hippowdon Temple
R-149 Rhyhorn Ground Tackle * 2 Ground Volcano Cave
R-150 Rhydon Ground Tackle * 3 Ground Volcano Cave
Habura Desert
Altru Tower
R-151 Rhyperior Ground None Ground None (Fight as Boss in Altru Tower)
R-152 Muk Poison Tackle * 2 Poison Volcano Cave
R-153 Houndour Dark Tackle * 1 Dark Cargo Ship
Oil Field Hideout
R-154 Houndoom Dark Burn * 2 Dark Oil Field Hideout
R-155 Spinarak Bug Tackle * 1 Bug Cargo Ship
R-156 Ariados Bug Tackle * 3 Bug Hippowdon Temple
Altru Building
R-157 Ralts Psychic Tackle * 1 Psychic Cargo Ship
R-158 Kirlia Psychic Teleport Psychic Chroma Ruins
R-159 Gardevoir Psychic Psy Power * 3 Psychic Altru Tower
R-160 Gallade Fighting Cut * 5 Fighting Altru Building (After beating as Boss)
R-161 Machop Fighting None Fighting Peril Cliff (Quest)
R-162 Machoke Fighting Crush * 2 Fighting Cargo Ship
R-163 Machamp Fighting Crush * 3 Fighting Oil Field Hideout
R-164 Mime Jr. Psychic None Psychic Boyleland (Only One)
R-165 Mr. Mime Psychic Teleport Psychic Oil Field Hideout
R-166 Drowzee Psychic Crush * 2 Psychic Cargo Ship
R-167 Hypno Psychic Psy Power * 2 Psychic Chroma Ruins
Altru Building
R-168 Chimchar Fire None Fire Chroma Highlands (Only One)
R-169 Monferno Fire Burn * 2 Fire Cargo Ship
R-170 Infernape Fire Burn * 3 Fire Volcano Cave (After beating as Boss)
R-171 Vulpix Fire Burn * 1 Fire Buruburu Camp
The Ice Lake
Hia Valley
Almia Castle
R-172 Ninetales Fire Burn * 4 Fire Almia Castle
R-173 Skorupi Poison Crush * 1 Poison Habura Desert
Hippowdon Temple
R-174 Drapion Poison None Poison None (Fight as Boss on Cargo Ship)
R-175 Lickilicky Normal Crush * 3 Normal Cargo Ship
R-176 Ponyta Fire Burn * 1 Fire Chroma Highway
R-177 Rapidash Fire Burn * 3 Fire Chroma Highlands
R-178 Girafarig Psychic Tackle * 2 Psychic Chroma Highway
R-179 Tauros Normal Tackle * 2 Normal Chroma Highway
R-180 Ninjask Bug Cut * 2 Bug Chroma Highway (Requires Tackle * 1 on tree)
R-181 Shieldon Steel None Steel Peril Cliff (Quest)
R-182 Bastiodon Steel Tackle * 3 Steel Chroma Highlands
Chroma Ruins
R-183 Abra Psychic Tackle * 1 Psychic Chroma Highlands
R-184 Alakazam Psychic Teleport Psychic Altru Tower
R-185 Murkrow Dark Cut * 1 Dark Pueltown
R-186 Honchkrow Dark Cut * 3 Dark Oil Field Hideout
R-187 Koffing Poison Tackle * 1 Poison Chroma Ruins
R-188 Weezing Poison Tackle * 2 Poison Almia Castle
R-189 Skarmory Steel Demist Steel Chroma Highlands
R-190 Duskull Ghost Psy Power * 1 Ghost Chroma Ruins
R-191 Dusclops Ghost Psy Power * 2 Ghost Oil Field Hideout
R-192 Dusknoir Ghost Psy Power * 3 Ghost Hippowdon Temple (After beating as Boss)
R-193 Sableye Dark Cut * 2 Dark Chroma Ruins
Hippowdon Temple
R-194 Sandshrew Ground Tunnel * 1 Ground Chroma Ruins
R-195 Sandslash Ground Tunnel * 1 Ground Hippowdon Temple
R-196 Spiritomb Ghost None Ghost None (Fight as boss in Chroma Ruins)
R-197 Spheal Ice Tackle * 1 Ice The Crysta Lake
Hia Valley
R-198 Sealeo Ice Crush * 2 Ice The Crysta Lake
Hia Valley
R-199 Walrein Ice Crush * 3 Ice Almia Castle
R-200 Swinub Ground Tackle * 1 Ice The Crysta Lake
R-201 Piloswine Ground Tackle * 3 Ice The Crysta Lake
Hia Valley
R-202 Mamoswine Ground None Ground None (Fight at Altru Building)
R-203 Jigglypuff Normal Tackle * 1 Normal The Crysta Lake
R-204 Wigglytuff Normal Tackle * 2 Normal Almia Castle
R-205 Chingling Psychic Teleport Psychic The Crysta Lake
R-206 Piplup Water None Water Hia Valley (Quest)
R-207 Prinplup Water Cut * 2 Water Hia Valley
R-208 Empoleon Water River Flow * 2 Water The Ice Lake
R-209 Delibird Ice Crush * 1 Ice Hia Valley (Requires Tackle * 1 on Tree)
R-210 Jynx Psychic Teleport Psychic The Ice Lake
Almia Castle
R-211 Snover Ice None Ice Volcano Cave (Quest)
R-212 Abomasnow Ice Crush * 3 Ice The Ice Lake (Requires Tackle * 3)
R-213 Snorunt Ice Crush * 1 Ice Almia Castle
R-214 Glalie Ice Crush * 3 Ice Almia Castle
R-215 Froslass Ice Crush * 3 Ice Almia Castle (After beating as Boss)
R-216 Scyther Bug Cut * 3 Bug Almia Castle
Altru Building
R-217 Scizor Steel Cut * 4 Steel Altru Building
R-218 Dratini Dragon Tackle * 1 Dragon Almia Castle
R-219 Dragonair Dragon Beak * 3 Dragon Almia Castle (After Quest)
R-220 Misdreavus Ghost None Ghost Chroma Ruins (Quest)
R-221 Mismagius Ghost Psy Power * 3 Ghost Almia Castle
R-222 Riolu Fighting Crush * 1 Fighting Almia Castle
R-223 Lucario Fighting None Fighting None (Fight as Boss in Almia Castle)
R-224 Torkoal Fire Magma Flow Fire Volcano Cave
R-225 Bagon Dragon Tackle * 1 Dragon Volcano Cave
R-226 Shelgon Dragon Tackle * 2 Dragon Volcano Cave
R-227 Salamence Dragon Crush * 4 Dragon Vien Forest
The Crysta Lake
R-228 Heatran Fire None Fire None (Fight as Boss in Volcano Cave)
R-229 Horsea Water Tackle * 2 Water Sea of Wailord
R-230 Seadra Water Soak * 3 Water Sea of Wailord
R-231 Kingdra Water Crush * 4 Dragon Sea of Wailord
R-232 Huntail Water Crush * 3 Dark Sea of Wailord
R-233 Gorebyss Water Crush * 2 Psychic Sea of Wailord
R-234 Tentacruel Water Crush * 2 Water Sea of Wailord
R-235 Omanyte Water Tackle * 2 Water Sea of Wailord
R-236 Omastar Water Soak * 3 Water Sea of Wailord (After Quest)
R-237 Wailmer Water Tackle * 2 Water Sea of Wailord (Requires Cut * 3)
R-238 Wailord Water None Water None (Data obtained after rescuing in Sea of Wailord)
R-239 Cacnea Grass Tackle * 1 Grass Habura Desert
R-240 Cacturne Dark Crush * 2 Dark Habura Desert (May need Tackle * 2)
R-241 Mothim Bug Cut * 2 Flying Oil Field Hideout
R-242 Victreebel Grass Cut * 2 Grass Hippowdon Temple
R-243 Sceptile Grass Cut * 3 Grass Oil Field Hideout
R-244 Sneasel Dark None Dark Almia Castle (Quest)
R-245 Weavile Dark Cut * 4 Dark Almia Castle (After beating Boss)
R-246 Hippopotas Ground None Ground Hippowdon Temple (Quest)
R-247 Hippowdon Ground Sand Fill Ground Habura Desert
R-248 Bronzor Steel Crush * 1 Steel Hippowdon Temple
R-249 Bronzong Steel Crush * 3 Steel Hippowdon Temple
R-250 Claydol Psychic Crush * 3 Psychic Hippowdon Temple
R-251 Gible Dragon None Dragon Volcano Cave (Quest)
R-252 Gabite Dragon Cut * 3 Dragon Hippowdon Temple
Altru Building
R-253 Garchomp Dragon Crush * 5 Dragon Hippowdon Temple (After beating as Boss)
R-254 Cresselia Psychic None Psychic None (Fight as Boss in Hippowdon Temple
R-255 Blaziken Fire Burn * 3 Fire Asuheru Building
R-256 Absol Dark Cut * 4 Dark Asuheru Building
Asuheru Tower
R-257 Darkrai Dark Dark Power Dark Asuheru Tower (Boss)
R-258 Aerodactyl Rock Crush * 4 Flying Peril Cliff (After beating Darkrai)
R-259 Flygon Dragon Cut * 4 Dragon Habura Desert (After beating Darkrai)
R-260 Altaria Dragon Cut * 2 Dragon Chroma Ruins Entrance (After beating Darkrai)
R-261 Togekiss Normal Cut * 3 Normal Altru Tower (After beating Darkrai, After Quest)
R-262 Porygon-Z Normal Crush * 3 Normal Oil Field Hideout (After beating Darkrai)
R-263 Celebi Grass None Grass Vien Forest (After Quest)
R-264 Regirock Rock None Rock Viel Forest (Requires River Flow * 1 & Crush * 5)
R-265 Regice Ice None Ice Almia Castle (Requires Burn * 5)
R-266 Registeel Steel None Steel Chroma Ruins (Requires Cut * 5)
R-267 Regigigas Normal None Normal Hippowdon Temple (Only As Boss after capturing all 266 prior Pokémon)
R-SP1 Dialga Dragon None Dragon Almia Castle (Event Mission Only)
R-SP2 Palkia Dragon None Dragon Hippowdon Temple (Event Mission Only)
R-SP3 Shaymin Grass None Grass Pueltown (Event Mission Only)

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