Steve and Alex

Name: Steve and Alex

Game Series: Minecraft
First Appearance: Minecraft (2009)

Unlock Criteria:

  • DLC Pack 2

Special Feature
Steve & Alex are unique as characters in that they can mine various materials for use as their weapons. Their weaponry all require various materials and can break after time. These materials can be mined anywhere on any stage

Alternate Costumes


Neutral SpecialMine

Steve & Alex's first Neutral move is Mining. When you mine, depending on the location you'll mine certain materials such as Dirt, Wood, Stone, Iron and sometimes materials like Gold or Diamond. Each stage has different materials and the harder the location, the better the chance of the rare items

Neutral SpecialCraft

When you use Steve & Alex's neutral special in front of the crafting table, they will create a tool with the strongest materials you have. You can summon the table to you by pressing the special button while shielding. All of your weapons will be of this material until they break

Neutral SpecialCreate Block

When you press the neutral special in the air, it will create a block under you. This allows for you to block people from above and gain a foothold. However, these blocks collapse in time, especially if there is weight on them

Side SpecialMinecart

Steve & Alex's Side Special is the Minecart. If you have enough material, you will get in a minecart, creating a track as you go. You can control this left or right and even jump out of it. If you jump out of it and it hits an opponent, they get carried off with the cart

Up SpecialElytra

Steve & Alex's Up Special is their recovery move and has you equip an elytra and fire upwards with a rocket, allowing you to glide through the air and adjust the trajectory

Down SpecialTNT

Steve & Alex's Down Special is setting up a TNT using materials to hand. If you hold the button down and move left or right, you can use redstone to create a detonator to blow up the TNT when the detonator is stepped on

Final Smash

Final Smash SpecialHouse of Boom

Steve & Alex's Final Smash has them activate a piston that strikes to the side. Any enemies it hits will be damaged but one will be sent into a giant house filled with Creepers before the house explodes, launching the opponent