Like all previous Super Smash Bros. games, Super Smash Bros Ultimate has many stages, this time 103 as standard with more as DLC. These stages come from various different Nintendo franchises, including Pokémon, and each have unique features and hazards that are exclusive to them.

Each stage also has a special Ω (Omega) Mode which removes all the gimmicks from the stage and provides a simple platform on which to battle, akin to the Final Destination stage while each one also has a special Battlefield Mode.

3D LandMario
75 mDonkey Kong
Arena FeroxFire Emblem
Balloon FightBalloon Fight
BattlefieldSuper Smash Bros.
Big BattlefieldSuper Smash Bros.
Big BlueF-Zero
Boxing RingPunch-Out!
Bridge of EldinThe Legend of Zelda
Brinstar DepthsMetroid
Castle SiegeFire Emblem
ColiseumFire Emblem
CorneriaStar Fox
Delfino PlazaMario
Distant PlanetPikmin
Dracula's CastleCastlevania
Dream LandKirby
Dream Land GBKirby
Duck HuntDuck Hunt
Figure-8 CircuitMario
Final DestinationSuper Smash Bros.
Find MiiFind Mii / Streetpass Quest
Flat Zone XGame & Watch
Fountain of DreamsKirby
Frigate OrpheonMetroid
Garden of HopePikmin
Garreg Mach MonasteryFire Emblem
Gaur PlainsXenoblade
Gerudo ValleyThe Legend of Zelda
Golden PlainsMario
Great BayThe Legend of Zelda
Great Plateau TowerThe Legend of Zelda
Green GreensKirby
Green Hill ZoneSonic the Hedgehog
Hyrule CastleThe Legend of Zelda
Jungle JapesDonkey Kong
Kalos Pokemon LeaguePokémon
King of Fighters StadiumFatal Fury
Kongo FallsDonkey Kong
Kongo JungleDonkey Kong
Living RoomNintendogs
Luigi's MansionMario
Lylat CruiseF-Zero
Mario Bros.Mario
Mario CircuitMario
Mario GalaxyMario
MidgarFinal Fantasy
Minecraft WorldSplatoon
Moray TowersSplatoon
Mushroom KingdomMario
Mushroom Kingdom IIMario
Mushroom Kingdom UMario
Mushroomy KingdomMario
Mute City SNESF-Zero
New Donk City HallMario
New Pork CityEarthbound
Palutena's TempleKid Icarus
Paper MarioMario
Peach's CastleMario
PictoChat 2PictoChat
Pirate ShipThe Legend of Zelda
Pokemon StadiumPokémon
Pokemon Stadium 2Pokémon
Port Town Aero DiveF-Zero
Princess Peach's CastleMario
Prism TowerPokémon
Rainbow CruiseMario
Reset Bomb ForestKid Icarus
Saffron CityPokémon
Shadow Moses IslandMetal Gear
SkyloftThe Legend of Zelda
SkyworldKid Icarus
Small BattlefieldSuper Smash Bros.
SmashvilleAnimal Crossing
Spear PillarPokémon
Spiral MountainBanjo-Kazooie
Spirit TrainThe Legend of Zelda
Spring StadiumARMS
SummitIce Climbers
Super Happy TreeYoshi
Super Mario MakerMario
Suzaku CastleStreet Fighter
TempleThe Legend of Zelda
The Great Cave OffensiveKirby
Tomodachi LifeTomodachi Life
Tortimer IslandAnimal Crossing
Town and CityAnimal Crossing
Umbra Clock TowerBayonetta
Unova Pokemon LeaguePokémon
VenomStar Fox
Wario Ware Inc.Wario
Wii Fit StudioWii
Wily CastleMega Man
Windy Hill ZoneSonic the Hedgehog
Wrecking CrewWrecking Crew
Wuhu IslandWii
Yggdrasil's AltarDragon Quest
Yoshi's IslandYoshi
Yoshi's Island MeleeYoshi
Yoshi's StoryYoshi