Name: Smashville

Game Series: Animal Crossing
First Appearance: Animal Crossing (2002)

VR Capable?: Yes

BattlefieldΩ Mode

The Smashville stage is a rather basic stage. It is essentially one big platform with another small one hovering over it and rotating to the left and right. While you battle, it moves slowly around a town from Animal Crossing with the various characters from the game appearing in the stage, watching over the match.. Occassionally an item balloon from Animal Crossing will float over the level. Smash it open and an actual Smash Bros item will fall from it.

There are a few cool easter eggs around with this level. For one, the actual day/night cycle of the real world is imitated in the stage. If its night where you are, it will be night in the stage. Plus, if you play on 8pm on a Saturday. KK Slider will appear and will perform one of his tracks