Like most games, Pokémon Typing DS have various in-game unlockables for you to earn. Most of these are earned based upon the medals you have earned. As you have 180 medals to earn, you have a lot of things to unlock. This page details all of the unlockables within the game and how to earn them.

Image Name Method
Keyboard Skins
Fire Earn 15 medals
Water Earn 30 medals
Grass-type Starters Earn 40 medals
Electric Earn 80 medals
Stylish Earn 125 medals
Mirage Design Earn all 180 medals
Space Beat the game
Rotom Capture all six Rotom forms
Ruins Capture all 28 Unown forms
Justice Capture Level 100 Cobalion, Terrakion & Virizion
Heart Design Capture all 403 Pokémon
  Music Box Sounds Earn 60 Medals
  Phone Sound Earn 100 Medals
  Pipe Sound Earn 150 Medals