Enter Pikachu


Long ago, before Ash left on his journey, a Pichu was lonely in a forest in Kanto. This Pichu, while still young, went through various encounters and goodbyes before it evolved and went on his journey with Ash. This is the story of how Pikachu met Ash from Pikachu's perspective.

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Professor Oak
Delia Ketchum
Professor Cerise


Ash's Pikachu

Special/Other Trainers
Special/Other Trainers's Bulbasaur Special/Other Trainers's Squirtle Special/Other Trainers's Psyduck Special/Other Trainers's Bellsprout

Wild's Bulbasaur Wild's Charizard Wild's Caterpie Wild's Butterfree Wild's Weedle Wild's Kakuna Wild's Beedrill Wild's Pidgey Wild's Rattata Wild's Spearow Wild's Ekans Wild's Pikachu Wild's Nidoran♀ Wild's Nidoran♂ Wild's Nidoking Wild's Oddish Wild's Gloom Wild's Vileplume Wild's Diglett Wild's Dugtrio Wild's Mankey Wild's Poliwag Wild's Poliwhirl Wild's Victreebel Wild's Tentacool Wild's Tentacruel Wild's Magnemite Wild's Farfetch'd Wild's Doduo Wild's Dodrio Wild's Shellder Wild's Cloyster Wild's Gengar Wild's Kingler Wild's Exeggcute Wild's Cubone Wild's Koffing Wild's Chansey Wild's Kangaskhan Wild's Goldeen Wild's Starmie Wild's Magmar Wild's Magikarp Wild's Lapras Wild's Ditto Wild's Omanyte Wild's Snorlax Wild's Mew Wild's Pichu