Smash Bros. Melee and Anime things
- 8-31-2001-17:12-EDT - Serebii

Firstly. I have been working on the Smash Bros. Melee Section And I have Managed to make a page showing all the arenas and an index page for the pics so here they are:

The Arena Listing
The Picture Index

I have Got a Brand New NextOn Pic from a Johto ep in the Whirl Islands

Episode 214: Mantine and the Sunken Ship! Secret Pokemon Riddle!

Also My Good friend pokeguy has kindly written us a Synopsis for Pikachu's Rescue Adventure That I was missing

Pikachu's Rescue Adventure

Well Thats about all for now, See Ya

2 New BIOs
- 8-30-2001-14:28-EDT - Serebii

Well I have been working on the pages for the Pokémon 3 Pics and the GSC walkthrough so I havent done much work but I have added 2 more Character BIOs these are:


Well Lugia has still got to send me the rest of the pics so they may not be up this weekend but they will as soon as possible

Well Thats about all for now, See Ya

Anime Truckload
- 8-29-2001-14:42-EDT - Serebii

Firstly I have got a brand new NextOn Pic from an Orange League Episode:

Episode 91: Bye Bye Psyduck

Next, I have fixed a few errors in some of the Character BIOs and I have also added the following 5 brand new Character BIOs

The Eevee Brothers
The Cerulean Sensational Sisters

I have also added a brand new Smash Bros Forum to the Forums so have a look if you like the games

Well Thats about all for now, See Ya

Pokémon Communication Center
- 8-28-2001-15:12-EDT - Serebii

Our Good Friend Cooltrainer_Michael has given us once again some exclusive Crystal codes, This Time It is To Access the Pokémon Communication Center. Click the below link to go there

How To Get Into The Pokémon Communication Center

Also, Lugia in his infinite wisdom has gotten us some pictures from Spell Of The Unown, He is sending them to me as we speak and expect them up this weekend (alot of pages to make 2482 pics in total)

Well Thats about all for now, See Ya

Smash Bros Melee
- 8-26-2001-13:12-EDT - Serebii

I apologise for yesterday, The Forest Grumps Pictures Did not Upload Properly But I fixed that this morning so check them out. Anyway, on the Forums I have added a Suggestion Forum So go in there and offer suggestions about the site. I will listen to all of them. Onto Smash Bros. Melee. I have got 15 Brand New Pictures from it. Here they are:

Pikachu Sneaks Up Behind Cpt. Falcon
Cpt. Falcon and his F-Zero Car, The Blue Falcon
Cpt. Falcon Running to an Enemy
Cpt. Falcon gets a kick in on Link
Falcon Punches Mario off a Ledge
Cpt. Falcon Watches as He Punches Fox And Mario Away
Is it a Pikachu? Is It A Raichu? No, Its Kirbychu
Kirby As Fox
Kirby As an Ice Climber
Kirby As Mario
Kirby Has Been Taught Some Lessons in the Art Of The Samurai
Kirby Is In Termina
Kirby, A Thwomp, A Pink Block (Possibly Kirby), and a Spike Ball. How quaint
With the Tap Of This Wand, I will Make Kirby Vanish
Kirby's 360° Hammer Hit

Well Thats about all for now, See Ya

Eppy Pics and Problems
- 8-25-2001-14:57-EDT - Serebii

Well, Unfortunately Xeno Lugia missed Episode 203: Pokémon Superstar In Love. And Lugia missed The Bug Stops Here so we seem to be at a disadvantage, but luckily Lugia also got pics to the Episode Forest Grumps that was also on today. If he hadn't we wouldnt have an update so here they are

Episode 155: Forest Grumps Pictures

Also I have updated the Episode Guide with 3 Brand New Johto Names.

Well Thats about all for now, See Ya

Anime Stuff
- 8-24-2001-10:17-EDT - Serebii

Well. Lugia sent me a while ago some pics for the First Episode. I lost them but I have managed to get them and upload them so here they are:

Episode 001: Pokémon I Choose You Pictures

Also, I managed to upload all 498 pics from Pikachu and Pichu. It may seem extensive but they show every bit from the humor to the Pokémon:

Pikachu and Pichu Pictures

Also I have got a new 'NextOn' Pic from a future Johto Episode. Have a Look

Episode 213: A Friend Hereafter in Corsola! Showdown of the Accusing Cavernous Eyes!!

I have also Updated the Episode Guide with a brand new name and correct names for a few of the episodes

Well Thats about all for now, See Ya

Card E Reader
- 8-23-2001-14:58-EDT - Serebii

One of the highlights of Spaceworld so far has been the Card E Reader and I have managed to get 5 pics from it for the moment.

Also due to a muck up in my ftp program, I haven't been able to upload the Pikachu and Pichu Pics. Sorry

Well Thats about all for now, See Ya

Southern Islands
- 8-22-2001-14:37-EDT - Serebii

Well, Lugia has sent me 498 pics from Pikachu and Pichu, Expect those to be uploaded for tomorrow. As some of you may know, The Southern Islands Set has just been released in America in a special folder, Well I have the List and scans to help you to see if you want to get it, The List Has been updated since Last Time

Well Thats about all for now, See Ya

Anime Stuff + World Exclusive about US Crystal
- 8-21-2001-12:57-EDT - Serebii

Firstly Xeno Lugia has written yet another magnificent guide of a future Johto Episode. This Synopsis cannot be used without both of our permission

Episode 202: Pokémon Balloon Race

Secondly Lugia has made us pics for Saturday's 2 Brand new Johto episodes. These cannot be used without permission

Episode 158: A Goldenrod Opportunity Episode 159: A Dairy Tale Ending

I have begun work on the Battle Tower Section to give you major pointers on the trainers there, But the world exclusive has been given to me by my good friend Cooltrainer_Michael who has given me the correct gameshark codes to get the GS Ball and Have Kurt Accept it from you so click on the below link to see:

The GS Ball and Kurt Tale

Also 1 Brand New American Episode Name Has Been Announced as seen on the right hand toolbar so have a look at it if you want to know what its about before its on.

Well Thats about all for now, See Ya

- 8-21-2001-8:30-EDT - Serebii

I am incredibly sorry for not being up the last few days, This was completely beyond my control. For the moment hang loose and go to the Forums and ChatRoom Whilst I upload all the neccessary stuff for the following update

Well Thats about all for now, See Ya

- 8-17-2001-3:30-EDT - Serebii

Sorry for not updating yesterday its just when I was about to the server went down but anyway here is a small update to tide you over the tonight's/tomorrow's guides and pictures. Today We Have a New NextOn Picture from one of the episodes in the Whirl Islands Achipeligo. Cute isn't it.

Episode 212: Trip to the Beach! Chinchou Procession!

Well Thats about all for now, See Ya

Character BIOs
- 8-16-2001-11:30-EDT - Serebii

Well There hasnt been much information and stuff going around but until the Walkthrough is done (Its been delayed slightly. Sorry) there will be many things put up like locations of Pokémon In Crystal and G/S, Infomation about the Battle Tower Is Coming Soon Aswell. But at the moment I have added 4 more Character BIOs from some past episodes so have a look. I have also updated Misty's BIO with a Brand New Pokémon (Spoiler Inside)

Prof. Westwood V

Well Thats about all for now, See Ya

Crystal Animations + ASBL News
- 8-14-2001-15:15-EDT - Serebii

Firstly, DarkLugia 346 has allowed us use of some of his Crystal Animations (Been A While Since I made one) And He let us use the following:
Normal Pokémon:

Shiny Pokémon:

Secondly. I am Pleased to Announce the Anime Style Battling League Has Just Been Opened By Me and Anime Forum Mod totodile. So go to it and battle and have fun but first you must go to this Page: ASBL Index and Info Page

Well Thats about all for now, See Ya

New Episode Guide
- 8-11-2001-13:23-EDT - Serebii

Well, Not Much Today because still the server troubles, But Thanks to Xeno Lugia We Still Managed to get our Weekly Future Episode Guide. Remember, This Could spoil your enjoyment of the show if you read it:
Episode 201: Fortune-Telling Natu! Foreshadow Future's Mystery!
I will tell you tomorrow if Lugia made those pics for the site.

Well Thats about all for today, See Ya

An Update To Tide you over
- 8-10-2001-18:57-EDT - Serebii

OK, I Have Cleared out un-essential files so I can Make An Update Today (And Maybe For the rest of the Weekend) so here we go. Firstly I have made some brand new Crystal Pages

Buena's Passwords Game
Differences Between Japanese And English Crystals
The Odd Egg

I have Also got 2 brand new English Episode Titles as you can see on the Right hand Toolbar. I have added them to the Episode Guide List and the Who's That Pokémon Section. I have also got a Brand New 'NextOn' Picture from a future Episode
Episode 211: Pidgey and the Detective Pidgey! We Heard Yet Not Seen!
I will have guide for a Future Episode tomorrow thanks to Xeno Lugia And Maybe some Pictures of The Psychic Sidekicks from Lugia.
I have finished the Common Neo 4 Translations. I know some of you were wondering when I would do them so here they are:
Neo: Darkness And Light
I have Also Got 22 Brand New Super Smash Bros. Melee Pictures. Here they are:
Bowser Goes To Get Some Coins
Bowser Jumps On Shiek
Bowser Slams To Get Some Coins
Coin Mode Selection
Donkey Kong Goes To Get Some Coins
Cpt. Falcon Waves His Magic Wand
Fox Fires The Super Scope At The Poor Little Birdies
Kirby Hits Cpt. Falcon With a Hammer
Mario Jumps out of the Hammer's Way
Mario Stands As An Arwing Goes To Take Him Out
Mario Shoots a FireBall
Goodness Gracious Great Balls Of Fire
Mario And Kirby
Mario And Ness
Mario Spins
Ness 'Sparks' out DK
A Coin Grabbing Match
Samus Drops A Bomb
The Three Types Of Coin

Well Thats about all for today...maybe the Weekend, See Ya

Server troubles
- 8-10-2001-17:31-EDT - Serebii

Today I was going to put up a huge update, but server Issues have struck and I cant upload anything until Monday (I barely Got This In). So I can't update til monday. Sorry about this, but I will add a very very Large Update then. Also If you have attached any files in the forums, Please Remove them A.S.A.P. Also Some Sections may be slightly faulty. Sorry

Well Thats about all for today, See Ya

Crystal Pages
- 8-9-2001-15:46-EDT - Serebii

So far Today I have made a few new pages For Crystal. Some of these will help you like the Move Tutor and how to get an Extremespeed Dratini. Click on Whatever intrests you. The Walkthrough Is Also doing well

Pokémon That Can Learn Move Tutor's Moves
How to get the Dratini that knows Extremespeed (Dragon's Den Quiz)
All The Pokémon In Order of Type. (Pictorical, Long Load)

The Locations Pages will be up tomorrow if everything goes to plan. Along with how to get the TM's, HM's, Special Items and other Crystal Exclusive things (Like Buena's Passwords and the Odd Egg). So you can look forward to that.
In Forum News, The Fanfic and Fanart forums are up so if you have a piece that you want to show, Post it there and get it rated.

Well Thats about all for today, See Ya

Crystal News And Info
- 8-8-2001-19:12-EDT - Serebii

Well, I have compiled a list of all the Pokémon that arent in Crystal So Have a Look At That in A second. Click The Crystal Box To Go There
Pokémon Crystal Absentes
I will also be making Location Pages So You Wont Have to Search through the Walkthroughs To Find out Where a Pokémon is. I have started on the GSC Walkthrough and that should be done within a week if i keep at the pace. Also In News. Interact are brining out a special Pokémon Crystal Gameshark which will have tons of cheats and editors for crystal and can also be used with any other Game Boy and Game Boy Color Games.
Also, The Forums will be moving onto the domain very soon with some brand new exciting things like a battle league and a fanfic and art forum so Watch This Space

Well Thats about all for today, See Ya

Yellow Walkthrough
- 8-7-2001-15:56-EDT - Serebii

Well, Sorry for the site not being up yesterday. That was beyond my control but it was down to make it faster in the next months and years. Now onto What Matters, I am sorry that I could make the Menu System but I did make the Yellow Walkthrough and I will Begin on the Gold, Silver And Crystal one tomorrow but expect that to take a couple of weeks to finish, Here it is:
Pokémon Yellow
Also, The Forums will be moving onto the domain very soon with some brand new exciting things like a battle league and a fanfic and art forum so Watch This Space

Well Thats about all for today, See Ya

Red And Blue Walkthrough
- 8-5-2001-14:34-EDT - Serebii

I have Had people telling me over the last year or so that my walkthroughs arent big enough, and that they dont show enough of whats neccessary. So, I have finally Decided to do something about it. Today and Yesterday Some Of you who go to the Chat Room or speak to me on AIM would have noticed that I have been busy on them so first off Today, I have made the Complete 55 Page Walkthrough for Red And Blue. I will update it for Yellow Tomorrow and Make one For Gold Silver And Crystal later on in the week. Also, At the Moment There Isnt A Linking Bar so you have to go through them seperately until I make one which should be later today. This is just the 1st step in the reconstruction of the Games Sections
Pokémon RedPokémon Blue
Also, you May Have Noticed That I have updated the right hand toolbar with the Next On On Kids WB because of a recent newsflash that New Episodes from the Fourth Season Are being Shown From the 18th Onwards in the US. So you can Look Forward to That (I updated the Episode Guide with 2 New US Titles for Some New Episodes so Have a Look Aswell). I will also continue with the Neo 4 Translations tomorrow

Well Thats about all for today, See Ya

Neo 4 Pt. 3 & New Eppy Guide
- 8-4-2001-12:34-EDT - Serebii

First off, Xeno Lugia has written us another great future episode Guide. Remember, this will spoil your enjoyment of the show if you watch it
Episode 200: Where Is Bayleef! Capture At The Herb Farm
Secondly, I managed to bust my gut up and translate all 28 Uncommon Cards in Neo: Darkness and To The Light so have a look and remember that these cannot be used without permission
Neo: Darkness And Light

Well Thats about all for today, See Ya

Gym And Anime Pics
- 8-3-2001-12:34-EDT - Serebii

Well. Today I wasn't Able to do all the Neo 4 Uncommons so they will be up tomorrow, possibly with the Common. In The Mean Time, I re-made the Gym Leader Section with the Johto Leaders, Johto Elite 4 and so on so Have a Look. (Gym Leader Pics are thanks to Ninetales3001 and cannot be used without his permission).
all the way through to
Also, Some people have been noticing that there has been a lack of Anime News Lately, But here is a new 'NextOn' pic to tide you over until tomorrow's episode guide
Episode 210: Whirl Islands! Reaching A New Challenge

Well Thats about all for today, See Ya

Neo 4 Translation Part 2
- 8-2-2001-14:42-EDT - Serebii

Well, I finished all The Rare Cards In the Neo Darkness and Light set so Have a Look. Tomorrow I will do Common and Also I will have made a brand new Gym Leader Section that will show tomorrow (at the moment Just the first 8 Gym Leaders) all the New Gym Leaders and Elite Members And Updated Original Gym Leaders, So you got that to look forward to
Neo: Darkness And Light
The Forums seem to be slowing up so Have a Look if you get the chance

Well Thats about all for today, See Ya

Neo: Darkness And Light Translations
- 8-1-2001-15:14-EDT - Serebii

Well. Today I managed to Complete 24 of the Translations of Neo: Darkness and Light. These are probably the best you can find on the web so have a look. At the moment they are only the Holographic cards. But tomorrow I will do the Rare and Possibly Uncommon so have a look to see the Quality. Remember, these are not to be used without permission
Neo: Darkness And Light
Have A Look at the forums and discuss the translations and say if you agree or disagree with them

Well Thats about all for today, See Ya

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