In the Battle Frontier there is a shop that sells assorted Goods for Battle Points. You earn Battle Points by defeating parts of the Battle Frontier, More Points depending on the difficulty:

There are 4 Kiosks, each selling something different. Below is a List of What they Sell

Far Left Kiosk:

Picture Name Price
Kiss Poster 16 B.P.
Kiss Cushion 32 B.P.
Smoochum Doll 32 B.P.
Togepi Doll 48 B.P.
Meowth Doll 48 B.P.
Clefairy Doll 48 B.P.
Ditto Doll 48 B.P.
Cyndaquil Doll 80 B.P.
Chikorita Doll 80 B.P.
Totodile Doll 80 B.P.

Left Kiosk:

Picture Name Price
Lapras Doll 128 B.P.
Snorlax Doll 128 B.P.
Venusaur Doll 256 B.P.
Charizard Doll 256 B.P.
Blastoise Doll 256 B.P.

Right Kiosk:

Picture Name Price
Protein 1 B.P.
Calcium 1 B.P.
Iron 1 B.P.
Zinc 1 B.P.
Carbos 1 B.P.
HP Up 1 B.P.

Far Right Kiosk:

Picture Name Price
Leftovers 48 B.P.
White Herb 48 B.P.
Quick Claw 48 B.P.
Mental Herb 48 B.P.
Brightpowder 64 B.P.
Choice Band 64 B.P.
King's Rock 64 B.P.
Focus Band 64 B.P.
Scope Lens 64 B.P.