Battle Froniter

The Battle Frontier is a new island south east of Hoenn run by the man Scott who gives you access after you have defeated the Elite Four. This area expands on the Battle Tower concept and provides a variety of different challenges from which you can test your skills.

Much like with Gyms, you can earn badges by defeating each of the Battle Facilities located within the Battle Frontier and with each win you earn BP which can be exchanged for items in the Battle Frontier store.

Battle Froniter Battles

Much like the Battle Tower of Ruby & Sapphire, the trainers you face aren't set to have a specific team but rather pull from a variety of different Pokémon in a pool to get the Pokémon that you face, and the trainers you face will get tougher the further into the Battle Frontier you go.

Below is a list of all of the standard trainers in the Battle Frontier and what Pokémon they may have.

Battle Froniter Facilities

Battle Tower

The Battle Tower is the quintessential battle facility and remains in the Battle Frontier. This area has you battle through Single, Double or Multi Battles in order to get a streak and get to the end to defeat Anabel, the Tower Master. The longer your streak, the tougher the oppponents

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Battle Factory

The Battle Factory is a facility where you don't use your own Pokémon. Instead, you get a selection of three Pokémon to start with and face off against trainers with various Pokémon. After defeating the trainer, you can exchange one of your Pokémon for one of theirs.

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Battle Dome

The Battle Dome works in a different way to the Battle Tower in that it runs as a single elimination bracket tournament and you have to go through and battle trainers, getting a look at their teams before the match starts.

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Battle Arena

The Battle Arena has you battle in a different way. Rather than necessarily take out all Pokémon within the battle, the battle will last three turns. After the three turns are completed, you will get ranked based on Mind, which is determined by offence, skill which is determined by damage you inflict and body which is determined by the amount of health you have remaining.

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Battle Pike

The Battle Pike is a facility where yo go through various rooms which have a different effect including various trainers who will battle you, afflict you with a status condition, fight against Wild Pokémon and more. The more rooms you complete, the better the rewards.

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Battle Palace

The Battle Palace is a different sort of battle where you go through battles with your Pokémon acting different based on their Nature, not based on how you trained them. This then changes when they get low on health

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Battle Pyramid

The Battle Pyramid is a facility where you have to go through various floors defeating both wild Pokémon and it removes the items that you have. Throughout the stages you can find items that can help you with your Pokémon, with your Pokémon no longer healing between battle

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