#475 Gallade
7th Gen Dex

Trainer's Pokémon

  Darach/Caitlin's Gallade
Gender Nickname Ability
Male N/A Steadfast
Attacks Feint, Night Slash, Psycho Cut
This Gallade acts as a bodyguard for Caitlin and is used by Darach to take on challengers at the Battle Castle.
# Chapter Notes
418 VS Porygon-Z
419 VS Gallade I
420 VS Gallade II

  Sapphire's Gallade
Gender Nickname Ability
Male Kirly Steadfast (Inner Focus)
Attacks N/A
Although Sapphire intended to evolve her Kirlia into a Gardevoir, it evolved into a Gallade while training with Ruby’s Kirlia after being hit accidentally with a Dawn Stone. It later gained the ability to Mega Evolve after receiving the Galladite from Grannie, the elder of the Draconids.
# Chapter Notes
000 VS Gardevoir & Gallade
009 VS Mega Swampert
012 VS Primal Groudon & Primal Kyogre
013 VS Aggron
019 VS Noivern
020 VS Mega Beedrill

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