#565 Carracosta
7th Gen Dex

Trainer's Pokémon

  Black's Carracosta
Gender Nickname Ability
Male Costa Solid Rock
Attacks Hydro Pump, Ice Beam
Black learnt from Clay that his Tirtouga would one day evolve into a Carracosta, which it did during the Icirrus Gym challenge.
# Chapter Notes
505 VS Beartic
507 VS Cobalion & Terrakion & Virizion II
510 VS Samurott
511 VS Gothorita
512 VS Druddigon
516 VS Fraxure
518 VS Unfezant Flashback
520 Zekrom VS Reshiram I
521 Zekrom VS Reshiram II
523 Zekrom VS Reshiram IV

Imaginatory Pokémon

In Clay’s explanation of Tirtouga’s evolved form
# Chapter Notes
492 VS Excadrill

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