#656 Froakie
7th Gen Dex

Trainer's Pokémon

  Prof. Sycamore/Y's Froakie
Gender Nickname Ability
Male Croaky Battle Bond
Attacks Double Team, Substitute
This Froakie was given to Trevor by Prof. Sycamore along with Chespin and Fennekin. After much adventure together, Y eventually added it to her team. It evolved into a Frogadier while protecting her from Celosia’s attack.
# Chapter Notes
001 VS Kangaskhan
003 VS Diggersby
004 VS Chespin
008 VS Noibat
009 VS Sylveon
010 VS Charmander
011 VS Mega Gardevoir
018 VS Electrike
019 VS Tyrunt
020 VS Mega Manectric
024 VS Frogadier

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