After your Pokémon have reached a certain level, you will have access to the Battle Royale room. This room has you and your Pokémon companions sent in to a constant battle against dozens upon dozens of Pokémon.

The task here is to become the champion of the Pokémon. Face off all the Pokémon that are sent against you without losing and you may yet win. Once you become Champion, you will rank up and face even stronger Pokémon including the legendary Pokémon. At the end of each round, you will face the sihlouetted boss Pokémon. Like the Boss Pokémon in the Wild areas, these Pokémon can be larger than before.

This mode is also playable with friends, allowing for up to four player play. This allows you and your friends to face the swarms of Pokémon and show how strong you are. At the end of the stages, you get ranked based upon the amount of Pokémon that you have defeated and a winner is then declared.

There are several rounds in the Battle Royale, all with their own Boss Pokémon. To get the rank up, you have to enter a Pokémon of specific strength:

First Round

Rank Strength Prize Strong Opponents
C Rank 100 + 500P
B Rank 200 + 1000P
A Rank 500 + 3000P
S Rank 800 + 5000P

Another Mode

Rank Strength Prize Strong Opponents
C Rank 1000 + 8000P
B Rank 1200 + 10000P
A Rank 1500 + 13000P
S Rank 1800 + 15000P

Once you reach the EX Rank, the Battle Royale will get even hard. Now, instead of just 1 Battle Royale, you get several stages. Each stage has two rounds within it. The Pokémon you use do not get healed between the rounds and any knocked out Pokémon shall remain knocked out. The stages are as follows;

Stage Difficulty Prize Strong Opponents
1-1 * 18000P
1-2 ** 18000P
2-1 ** 18000P
2-2 *** 18000P
3-1 *** 18000P
3-2 **** 18000P
4-1 **** 18000P
4-2 ***** 18000P
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