Unlock Requirement: Complete Durice Island Illumina Spot

Requirements for Research Level
Level 2: 40,000 XP
Level 3: 50,000 XP
Level MAX: 40,000 XP

These ruins could be the key to understanding Lental’s history. Pokémon have stood guard here for a long, long time.


List of Pokémon Available in Ruins of Remembrance at Ruins


Houndoom at Ruins Houndoom is the guard of the Ruins and can be found at the front of the stage. In early Levels they will react to your presence with anger but at Level 3 you will find them sleeping and be generally more personable.
Minimum Research Level: Research Level 1


Eldegoss at Ruins Eldegoss can be found in two areas of the stage. First you will find a group floating around in front of the ruins outside. If you hit them with the Illumina Orb or a Crystablooms then they will spin harder and may even release some cotton.

In the internal part of the ruins, you will see 3 Eldegoss gathered around a Crystablooms. If you hit them with Illumina Orbs, you will then be able to get them to move

Minimum Research Level: Research Level 1


Natu at Ruins From Level 3, you can find a Natu outside. If you play the Melody by the ruins, it will jump out and start moving around the area

Natu can be found perched on a Golurk inside the ruins. It can be awakened with the Illumina Orb where it'll jump off and then find some friends

Minimum Research Level: Research Level 1


Beheeyem at Ruins Beheeyem can be found inside the ruins and will be using its powers. Later on in the stage, one can be found around a Golurk that won't awaken unless you hit every Crystablooms in the stage.

At Level 3, you will also find a Beheeyem asleep floating around

Minimum Research Level: Research Level 1


Salandit at Ruins Salandit has a couple of appearances. Its first appearance is as ytou enter the ruins. In Level 1, one will run away from you while at Level 2, you will have 3 appear and they'll face off against a Houndoom. Finally at Level 3, you will need to move the Noivern for it to come out.

Another Salandic an be seen inside the ruins. You will come across some battle scarred area and can lure Salandit out to it where it will have a battle with Noivern for a 4 star photo

Minimum Research Level: Research Level 1


Noivern at Ruins Noivern can be found as you enter the ruins. It will dance if you hit itwith an Illumina Orb. When you're in the ruins itself, you will be able to see some Noivern flying around
Minimum Research Level: Research Level 1


Sigilyph at Ruins Sigilyph can be seen in the internal parts of the ruins moving around and taking guard. After it sees you, it will use various attacks in your direction which make for good photo opportunities
Minimum Research Level: Research Level 1


Golurk at Ruins Golurk can be found around the internal part of the ruins. You will see them walking around the area standing guard, but they will react to Fluffruit and Illumina Orbs

When you reach Level 3, as you start the stage and reach the ruins, two Golurk will be seen flying overhead for another 4 star photo opportunity. In the ruins, get the two Beheeyem to meet by throwing Fluffruit at the first, then again after it moves Golurk. Then, two Golurk will fly into the ruins.

Minimum Research Level: Research Level 1


Chandelure at Ruins Chandelure can be seen in Research Level 2 flying around the internals of the ruins
Minimum Research Level: Research Level 2


Absol at Ruins In Level 2, you will find Absol in the main part of the ruins on the ground where it will interact with you more. In Level 3 however, you will find it outside of the ruins when you use Melody. It will come from a cliffside to the left and then jump down into the ruins. You will see it throughout the internals of the ruins including around a spot where it will fight with Salandit if properly lured together
Minimum Research Level: Research Level 2


Woobat at Ruins Woobat can be found through a simple element of throwing a Fluffruit into a well as you are about to enter the main part of the ruins. It will fly upwith Illumina Energy before affixing itself to a wall inside.

From Level 3, when you go to enter the ruins, a cauldron of Woobat will fly up at you.

Minimum Research Level: Research Level 1


Magikarp at Ruins Magikarp can be found by throwing multiple Fluffruit into the well where Woobat can be found.
Minimum Research Level: Research Level 1


Umbreon at Ruins Umbreon can be found in Level 3 of the Ruins. When you help the Salandit exit the area at the front of the ruins and hit it with an Illumina Orb, Umbreon will quickly follow and jump into the main part of the ruins. As you go through the ruins, you will see Umbreon walking and playing, able to be affected by Illumina Orbs and Fluffruit. Its 4 Star interaction has it growling at Absol
Minimum Research Level: Research Level 3

Vivillon (Continental Pattern)

Vivillon (Continental Pattern) at Ruins Vivillon's Continental Pattern can be found at the end of the stage. If you have hit every single Crystablooms in the stage, when you near the end look behind you and three Vivillon will be flying towards you
Minimum Research Level: Research Level 3


Jirachi at Ruins Complete the game and it'll appear at the start and will be able to get a special interaction when hit with an Illumina Orb.

When you're inside the ruins, you will find another Jirachi sitting on top of the purple pillar. If you hit it with 2 Illumina Orbs, it will wake up and fly off to the left. If you then activate all the Crystablooms in the ruins, it will fly towards the pillar of light. If you play the music, Jirachi will start dancing around the pillar of light. Do it again and it'll come to you and will have a magical wish which activates its 4 star photo opportunity

Minimum Research Level: Research Level 2

Missions in Stage

Do note, you need to have received the Research Mission before you can complete it.

Mission Unlock
Houndoom's Breather Houndoom's Breather Get a picture of Houndoom relaxing outside by stretching and yawning
Blowing Seeds Blowing Seeds Get a picture of Eldegoss healing another Pokémonby throwing Fluffruit at the cliff to the left to knock Natu out of the cliff
Just Perching Here Just Perching Here Get a picture of Natu perching on Fluffruit by luring it out in Level 1
A White Pokémon A White Pokémon Get a picture of Absol outside eating Fluffruit
Salandit's Battle Plan Salandit's Battle Plan Get a picture of the fight between Salandit and Noivern by luring Salandit into the battle area with Fluffruit. Make sure to get both in the photo
Gracefully Gliding Gracefully Gliding Get a picture of Noivern gliding inside in the ruins. This can be done by luring it to battle with Salandit
The Mysterious Heart The Mysterious Heart Get a picture of Woobat near the Heart Marks in the ruins
A Break between Patrols A Break between Patrols Get a picture of a resting Sigilyph next to the door into the ruins
Drowsing Beheeyem Drowsing Beheeyem Get a picture of Beheeyem sleeping on its back floating. This is done by taking photographs and hitting Crystablooms
Two Golurk Two Golurk Get a picture of two Golurk flying into the ruins by luring the two Beheeyem together
Groovy Chandelure Groovy Chandelure Get a picture of Chandelure having a happy dance by playing music and hitting it with an Illumina Orb
Fading into the Shadows Fading into the Shadows Get a picture of Umbreon in the entrance of the ruins by removing Noivern and waiting for Salandit to summon it
Myth of the Ruins Myth of the Ruins Get a picture of Jirachi awakened within the Ruins, then when the light pillar is open by hitting all Crystablooms, play Melody twice to see it make a wish