Bandai Namco

Founded: 31st March 2006
Tokyo, Japan

Bandai Namco is a company created by the merger between toy company Bandai and Arcade company Namco. It creates many of the world's most popular game series including Ace Combat, Digimon and Tekken. It first interacted with the Pokémon franchise in the release of the first Pokémon fighting game; Pokkén Tournament. During this, it was revealed that the staff in the company have a Pokémon club where they play together. Nowadays, they have close ties with Nintendo and aid in development of Super Smash Bros. games as well as some Pokémon spin-off titles

Bandai Namco has developed 3 Pokémon Games in total.

List of Pokémon Games Developed by Bandai Namco

GamePlatformFirst Release
Pokkén TournamentWii U, ArcadeMarch 18th 2016
Pokkén Tournament DXNintendo SwitchSeptember 22nd 2017
New Pokémon SnapNintendo SwitchApril 30th 2021