Photo Rating

When you come back from a trip to any of the stages, you will be able to select various photo to take back to show Professor Mirror. You only have the capability of bringing 1 photo per species of Pokémon back with you and you can automatically set it so the Professor will pick the images that should score the most points.

If you have a Star Rating that hasn't been seen before for that Pokémon, that picture will get flagged with an exclamation mark

Photo Rating - New Pokémon Snap

Star Ratings

The Star Ratings are a means of identifying the certain interactions a Pokémon has. Each Pokémon has multiple interactions falling into each category and you need to have photos from each Star Category to complete your Pokédex.

For each Pokémon the ratings are different and involve interactions between the Pokémon and other elements. We have full details for each Pokémon in our PhotoDex

Star RatingMethod
1 Star
Standard movements/positions
2 Star
Feeding, On Alert, Hit with Fluffruit etc.
3 Star
Special Interactions
4 Star
Special Interactions
Star Rating - New Pokémon Snap


Scoring is a completely different element and is more akin to the traditional scoring. Here, the Professor will give your photo a rating basd on a variety of factors

  • Pose - The Pokémon's current pose at time of photo
  • Size - The Pokémon's current size within the photo
  • Direction - The Pokémon's direction in the photo. Front facing does better than behind
  • Placement - The Pokémon's placement within the photo. Being in the centre works better
  • Other Pokémon - You get additional points based on if other Pokémon are in shot
  • Background - You can get additional points if there is a special background on show such as Ancient Ruins or Crystabloom

Then, based on this, you will then get a coloured rating on your photo for how well your photo performed

ColourScore Range
Bronze Star
Silver Star
Gold Star
Diamond Star

After you have finished the game, the score all your photos would get is then added to a Course Score, multiplied by the amount of Pokémon you photographed. Then that is added to the ratings.

Scoring  - New Pokémon Snap