Companies Involved in Pokémon

Pokémon is one of the biggest media franchises to exist and as such, many companies have been involved.

The franchise is joint owned by Game Freak, the developers of the main series Pokémon games, Nintendo and Creatures Inc. with the brand being run by The Pokémon Company who deal with marketing, licensing and more.
GAME FREAK develop the main series games. Creatures Inc. provides support through their Pokémon CG Studio which does models for all elements of the franchise, as well as developing Spin-off titles and the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Nintendo provide technical expertise and assistance for development of games, as well as developing peripherals such as the Pokémon GO Plus, as well as publishing & distributing games. The Pokémon Company is then owned by them and set up to deal with the licensing, marketing and deals across the world featuring Pokémon

Beyond that, many companies have been involved with the Pokémon franchise, through game development and more. This page provides a list of all companies that have developed games for Pokémon.

Pokémon Structure

Game Freak Creatures Inc. Nintendo
Bar showing Game Freak, Creatures and Nintendo's ownership of The Pokémon Company
The Pokémon Company
Bar showing The Pokémon Company to The Pokémon Company International
The Pokémon Company

List of Founding Pokémon Companies

NameOpening DateLocation
Creatures8th November 1995Tokyo, Japan
GAME FREAK26th April 1989Tokyo, Japan
NintendoSeptember 23rd 1889Kyoto, Japan

List of Pokémon Companies

NameOpening DateLocation
The Pokémon Company23rd April 1998Tokyo, Japan
The Pokémon Company InternationalApril 2009Bellevue, United States of America
London, United Kingdom
Pokémon Card D StudioJune 30th 2020Tokyo, Japan
Pokémon Center Co.August 25th 2011Tokyo, Japan
Pokémon KoreaAugust 28th 2006Seoul, South Korea
Pokémon ShanghaiJuly 20th 2020Shanghai, China
Pokémon SingaporeMay 7th 2018Singapore
Pokémon TaiwanDecember 30th 2022Taiwan
Pokémon WorksMarch 4th 2024Tokyo, Japan
PokéPark KantoDecember 12th 2023Tokyo, Japan
The Pokémon Company International IrelandJune 2021>Dublin, Ireland
The Pokémon Company International MexicoJune 2023Mexico

List of Companies that have developed Pokémon Games

NameOpening DateLocation
Ambrella1996Tokyo, Japan
Bandai Namco31st March 2006Tokyo, Japan
DeNA4th March 1999Tokyo, Japan
Denyu-sha8th April 2002Tokyo, Japan
Genius SonorityJune 2002Tokyo, Japan
HAL Laboratory21st February 1980Tokyo, Japan
Headstrong Games2000London, England
HEROZ30th April 2009Tokyo, Japan
Hudson Soft18th May 1973Tokyo, Japan
ILCAOctober 1st 2010Tokyo, Japan
Intelligent SystemsDecember 1986Kyoto, Japan
Jupiter Corp.11th June 1992Kyoto, Japan
Koei Tecmo1st April 2009Yokohama, Japan
Marvelous1st October 2011Tokyo, Japan
NianticOctober 6th 2015San Francisco, United States
Pokémon Card D StudioJune 30th 2020Tokyo, Japan
Select Button2014Tokyo, Japan
Spike Chunsoft9th April 1984Tokyo, Japan
TiMi Studios2008Shenzhen, China

List of Companies that produced Pokémon media

NameOpening DateLocation
Legendary Entertainment2000Burbank, US
ShoProJune 27th 1967Tokyo, Japan
Studio ColoridoAugust 22nd 2011Tokyo, Japan
TohoAugust 12th 1932Tokyo, Japan

List of Companies that work in merchandise

NameOpening DateLocation
Jazwares1997Florida, US
Original StitchJune 3rd 2015San Francisco, US