#0720 Hoopa
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Picture Name Numbers Type
Hoopa Artwork
Hoopa Confined Hoopa Unbound
English: Hoopa
Japan: Hoopa
French: Hoopa
German: Hoopa
Korean: 후파
National : #0720
Central Kalos: #152
Hoopa ConfinedPsychic-type Ghost-type
Hoopa UnboundPsychic-type Dark-type
Classification Height Weight
Mischief Pokémon (Confined)
Djinn Pokémonn (Unbound)
1'08" / 21'04"
0.5m / 6.5m
19.8lbs / 1080.2lbs
9kg / 490kg
Evolutionary Chain
Alternate Forms
Hoopa ConfinedHoopa Unbound
Hoopa ConfinedHoopa Unbound
Hoopa changes its form when the Prison Bottle key item is used on it. It will revert after 3 days, and when you remove it from a box.

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