#0718 Zygarde
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Picture Name Numbers Type
Zygarde Artwork
Zygarde Cell Zygarde Core 10% Forme 50% Forme Complete Forme
English: Zygarde
Japan: Zygarde
French: Zygarde
German: Zygarde
Korean: 지가르데
National : #0718
Mountain Kalos: #150
Alola (SM): #205
Alola (USUM): #263
Dragon-type Ground-type
Classification Height Weight
Order Pokémon 16'05"
Evolutionary Chain
Alternate Forms
CellCore10% Forme50% FormeComplete Forme
CellCore10% Forme50% FormeComplete Forme
Zygarde has a rather unique form change. First, as you collect Zygarde Cores & Cells throughout the game, you'll have the ability to change Zygarde's form between 10% and 50% Forme using the Reassembly Unit in Route 16. After you have found all 100 cells or have a surplus, both of those forms will turn into Complete Forme when their Hit Points are less than 50% of standard if it has the Power Construct ability.
The Core & Cells are typically seen as variants of Zygarde in mass media including the anime, but not factored in as forms in the games as they're treated more like items

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