Pokémon HOME, as a successor to Pokémon Bank, is a subscription service to allow for players to store as a cloud service, but Pokémon HOME adds far more to Pokémon Bank. With this, it has a free variant that allows for players to be able to utilise the app's features for free, while paying a subscription if they wish to do more.

The price between subscription varies depending on the platform purchased, but is shared between it if players log into the same Nintendo Account on each device.

Battle Data

Subscription Costs

Nintendo eShop Costs
Duration US Cost UK Cost EU Cost JP Cost
1 Month $2.99 Ł2.69 €2.99 370¥
3 Months $4.99 Ł4.49 €4.99 610¥
12 Months $15.99 Ł14.39 €15.99 1960¥
iOS & Android Costs
Duration US Cost UK Cost EU Cost JP Cost
1 Month ?? Ł2.99 €3.49 ??
3 Months ?? Ł4.99 €5.49 ??
12 Months ?? Ł15.99 €17.99 ??

Subscription Benefits

Feature Basic Subscription Premium Subscription
Pokémon Storage 30 Pokémon 6000 Pokémon
Pokémon Trades Yes Yes
National Pokédex Yes Yes
Pokémon in Wonder Box 3 Pokémon 10 Pokémon
Pokémon Deposited in GTS 1 Pokémon 3 Pokémon
Room Trade Participate Only Host & Participate
Pokémon Bank Transfer No Yes
IV Judge No Yes