Here are the pre-release Pictures from PokéPark Wii - Pikachu's Adventure. Click the Link to view the picture:

Pikachu at the Beach
Pikachu meets Glalie
The Marine Slide Attraction
Pikachu assists Bidoof
Pikachu assists Buneary
Pikachu & Lapras
Pikachu assists Pachirisu
Pikachu faces Charizard in Battle
Pikachu in a Field
Pikachu battles Snorlax
Pikachu & Froslass
Pikachu holding an item in a Volcano
Starly overtakes Pikachu in a race
Pikachu encounters Slowpoke
Pikachu swings on a rope in a forest
Pikachu battles Feraligatr
Pikachu meets other Pokémon
Charizard in the Sky Race
Charizard in the Sky Race
Rhyperior, Torterra, Venusaur & Flareon fighting in a ring
Corsola asks a question in the Trial of Strength
Pikachu races against Arcanine in the Trial of Strength
Pikachu races against Ponyta in the Trial of Strength
Pikachu falls to the PokéPark
The Bulbasaur Foot Race
The Bulbasaur Foot Race Winners
Pikachu & Tropius
Pikachu leaves Venusaur's Hut
Pikachu & Electabuzz Spark Up
Pikachu & Ponyta race
The Island
Pikachu runs past some Pokémon
Pikachu, Leafeon & Scyther
Pikachu battles Scyther
Pikachu lines up for Bulbasaur's Dash Race
Venusaur checks Pikachu's Jump distance
Pikachu deflects cannonballs
Selecting your Marine Slider Pokémon
Corsola in the Marine Slider
Pikachu enters a snow area
Pikachu enters an area filled with ghosts
Pikachu enters a mineshaft
Pikachu on a mine cart
Lapras is on an Icy Water Race
Lucario in a target practice attraction with Rayquaza
Pikachu & Mr. Mime
Pikachu battles Mamoswine
Pikachu & Buneary dance
Drifblim carries Pikachu away
Pikachu & Charmander meet Blaziken
Pikachu & Piplup meet Empoleon
Pikachu meets Rayquaza
Empoleon's Snow Slider
Dusknoir's Running Crash
Blaziken's Punching Rock
Absol's Hurdle Succession
Bastiodon's Panel Crash
Pikachu uses Iron Tail on Torterra
Pikachu evades Mismagius' Shadow Ball