Like the previous game, PokéPark 2: Wonders Beyond has a variety of mini-games available to play. Unlike the past game however, there is less of a focus on the attractions than before and it allows you to only play as Pikachu, Oshawott, Tepig or Snivy. PokéPark 2 also allows you to play the mini-games in multiplayer with up to three friends.
These attractions are found within the Wish Park area of the game

Cake Contraption

US Name: Cake Contraption
Jp. Name: Sweet Factory (スイーツファクトリー)

The first game you'll find is guarded by Cofagrigus. In your first visit, you'll only get to be in stage one, but in the second and all subsequent visits, you get to do both.
In the first round of the game, you are confined to a 4 by 3 grid. In this grid, many Patrat will come up with various beans for you to shoot. Green is worth 100, Red is worth 300 and Gold ones held by Watchog are worth 1,000 points. This lasts for 60 seconds and then will move onto round two.
In round two, you need to shoot the ingredients dropping down. Shoot them once for them to turn into cakes and again to put the toppings on. Sometimes, darkened ones will come through, and others have Yamask and Vanillite fly through holding gold ones. Normal are worth 100 points for the first hit, and then 300 points. The dark ingredients are worth 300 points, then 600 points and the gold ingredients are worth 500 points, then 1,000 points.

Dance Inferno

US Name: Dance Inferno
Jp. Name: Gorgeous Dancing (ゴージャスダンシング)

The second game is guarded by Chandelure. In this game, you take on a dance role with Lopunny. With the Wii Remote, you need to do the same gestures that are shown on screen in the right timing. You can either get Great or Good scores, with the score varying depending on the gesture. After the first, slow, round, an audience appears and the tempo picks up

Power Bash

US Name: ??
Jp. Name: Slash Fight (スラッシュファイト)

The third game is originally guarded by Gothitelle, but then guarded by Haxorus. This game is the Slash Fight game and has you knocking away enemies by one gesture of the Wii Remote causing your Pokémon to attack. With this, you need to knock the Pokémon out of the way, in good timing to get the best points. As you progress, you can gain combos if you don't mess it up. Sometimes, bombs will come; to defeat them, you need to press the A button to have them fall down a trap door. If you accidentally hit them, your Pokémon will be unable to move for 3 seconds. You have 60 seconds to play this game

Flight of Fancy

US Name: Flight of Fancy
Jp. Name: Wonder Flight (ワンダーフライト)

The final game is guarded by Sigilyph and is the final attraction of the game. This attraction is a three lap race in a space course. In this course, you need to collect as many gems as possible as you progress. You control via tilting the Wii Remote and you can jump up suddenly by hitting the '2' Button. If you enter a ring, you get a speed boost and a bonus when you collect the gems. On the third lap, gems disappear from the course but are thrown by a Seismitoad who is sitting on a rogue planet. Large Pokémon may also block your path, and if you hit them, you'll be unable to move for a while
The gems are rated as follows; Blue are worth 20, Red are worth 30, Light Blue are worth 50 and Yellow are worth 100 and rings give you 50 points