Capturing Pokémon in Pokémon Ranger can be tough sometimes, since the Pokémon may run around, break your capture line, or worse, attack your Styler to drain its HP. At times it is simply impossible to catch a Pokémon since it starts attacking when a single capture line is drawn and it requires like 5 to 6 circles to capture. Thus, Pokémon Assist is very useful and important, giving you various advantages according to their type and of course, the type of the Pokémon under capture.

With the exception of Normal, pure Dragon and pure Steel Pokémon, all other Pokémon give the same type of assistance as their type, or one of their types if they have dual types. There are a total of 15 kinds of Pokémon Assist, and each of them do different things. Some of them will only be made available as your Ranger Rank increases.

To use Pokémon Assist, click the lower right blue icon of Plusle/Minun in the capture screen, it will show you the list of team Pokémon you have. Pick the one you want assistance from, and click the 'Pokémon Assist' icon on top, the Pokémon will jump into your Capture Disc and start powering it up with its energy.

The effectiveness of Pokémon Assist depends on the Pokémon groups. Each Pokémon is classified into groups in Pokémon Ranger, which is actually just the type of that Pokémon. An upward arrow will appear above the head of the Pokémon under capture if the assist type used is effective, an a downward arrow indicates the opposite. Ineffective Pokémon Assist simply does nothing to the Pokémon, or actually makes your Styler more receptive to its attacks.

For dual typed Pokémon, it will be classified into either one of its types, and this is important to know because its other type will be disregarded during Pokémon Assist.For instance, although Tyranitar is a rock/dark dual type, it is classified as the rock group in the game, and its dark type is disregarded, which means psychic type Pokémon Assist will still work although it is normally ineffective against dark types.

Using a Pokémon in Pokémon Assist counts as recruiting its help as well, meaning that the Pokémon will depart from your party afterwards. Note that there is a time limit for Pokémon Assist though, and usually Pokémon with higher evolution stages have longer durations. Once the time is up, the Pokémon will depart. In one single capture battle, you may use Pokémon Assist as many times as you like, until all your team members are gone of course.

In cases where there are multiple Pokémon to be captured, the Pokémon Assist will work against all of them at the same time. Take Paralyze for instance, it will paralyze all foes on the screen.

Below is a list of all the Pokémon Assists with the Pokémon types they are Strong & Weak against. Click the type name for a list of all Pokémon that are that Assist type:

Type Description< Effective< InEffective<
Paralyze This ability is only possessed by your partner Pokémon, Plusle or Minun. It creates a bolt of electricity to paralyze in the Pokémon under capture, during which the Pokémon will be immobile. The intensity of this attack depends on your partner's energy cage indicated below your Styler's HP. As your Ranger Rank increases, this cage increases up to a maximum of 5, and everytime you successfully makes a circle around a Pokémon under capture, it recharges the cage a bit. The fuller the cages are, the longer the Pokémon under capture will be paralyzed. Flying, Water Electric, Grass, Ground, Dragon
Grass This type of assistance turns your capture lines into thick bushes which are useful that trap Pokémon that keep running around. It is still vulnerable against Pokémon attacks however, including types it is effective against like water, so it is basically useful only for Pokémon that keep running around but don't attack much. Ground, Rock, Water Poison, Flying, Bug, Fire, Grass, Steel, Dragon
Fire This turns your capture lines into flames, which effectively traps Pokémon and causes fire explosions within when a full circle is made. This may render the Pokémon inside unable to attack, and greatly increases the ease of capturing. Grass, Ice, Bug, Steel Rock, Fire, Water, Dragon
Water While using this kind of assistance, you can create bubbles to trap the Pokémon under capture. Simply touch your pen on the screen, wait til the bubble enlarges to the size of your desire, then release the pen. Overdoing it will cause the bubble to burst. Obviously, the bigger the bubble, the easier it will bump into the Pokémon and the longer it will hold it captive. Fire, Ground, Rock Water, Grass, Dragon
Electric This kind of assistance does not do anything to the Pokémon under capture actually, and simply recharges your Styler like the field ability Charge does outside battles. Again, the intensity of the Pokémon's ability affect the degree of recharging accordingly.    
Only available after Ranger Rank 2
Fighting Assist doubles the lines you draw around the Pokémon under capture, or in other words, halves the number of circles required to be drawn around a Pokémon. It is particularly useful against Pokémon that requires lots of circling like Meganium. Its vulnerability is the same as the normal line however, broken easily by a simply tackle. Normal, Rock, Ice, Dark, Steel Ghost
Only available after Ranger Rank 3
This creates poisonous gas from your capture line, which entraps the Pokémon within and makes it more difficult for the Pokémon to run away. The Pokémon entrapped may sometimes be rendered unable to attack inside a full circle. Grass Poison, Ground, Rock, Ghost, Steel
Only available after Ranger Rank 3
One of the most useful assistance in the game, which lifts the Pokémon under capture off the ground for a certain period of time, during which the Pokémon will be immobile and easier to encircle. Fighting, Poison Psychic, Steel, Dark
Only available after Ranger Rank 4
Creates spider nets from your line which entraps the Pokémon and makes it easier to capture. This kind of assistance may render the Pokémon unable to attack when trapped inside a full circle. Grass, Psychic, Dark Fighting, Poison, Flying, Ghost, Fire, Steel
Only available after Ranger Rank 4
Breaks up the ground which prevents the Pokémon under capture from running towards that particular direction or area. It is still relatively vulnerable to attacks however, and the Styler will still be attacked by the Pokémon. Poison, Rock, Fire, Electric, Steel Bug, Grass, Flying
Only available after Ranger Rank 5
Stirs up a sandstorm where your capture line runs, trapping the Pokémon within and making it difficult for it to run around. May render the Pokémon inside a full circle unable to attack. Flying, Bug, Fire, Ice Fighting, Groudon, Steel
Only available after Ranger Rank 6
Touch the screen and drag it towards different directions to stir up gust, which will lift the Pokémon off the ground if it gets caught. This renders the Pokémon temporarilt immobile and makes it easier for you to capture it. Fighting, Bug, Grass Rock, Electric, Steel
Only available after Ranger Rank 7
This kind of assistance will double the length of your Styler, which allows you to make bigger circles around the Pokémon under capture. However, it will decrease the HP of your Styler when used. Dark type assistance does not have particular effectiveness or ineffectiveness.    
Only available after Ranger Rank 7
This is one of the most useful assistance in the game. Every time you successfully makes a complete circle, it creates ghosts within which will stun the Pokémon inside and make it unable to run or even attack. Psychic, Ghost Dark, Steel, Normal
Only available after Ranger Rank 8
Also a very useful assistance in the game. Ice will be created by your capture line, and when the Pokémon under capture runs into it, it will be frozen and much easier to capture. Grass, Ground, Dragon Fire, Water, Ice, Steel, Flying

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