In Summer 2006, a special coupon for the W-mission are given out to those who pre-ordered the ticket for the 9th movie in Japan, which are redeemable in designated locations between Jun 17 and Aug 31. These two special missions are not accessible in normal game play, and hold the key to obtain the new water pokemon, Manaphy, in Diamond and Pearl.

In order to receive the W-mission, players must first have completed the Ranger game itself first. After the missions are downloaded, a new option known as the Ranger Net will show up in the main menu, which players can access to challenge the two independent missions. Below are walkthroughs of each of these missions

Retrieve the Important Egg - Manaphy!

This mission begins with Kamuri's discovery of a mysterious blue egg along the shoreline of Summer Land, which he takes to Prof. Shinbara for investigations. Unfortunately, the professor is ambushed by the remnants of Team Go-Go on his way back to Fall City in the Lila Forest, and your task is to challenge Team Go-Go to retrieve the egg.

You begin at the entrance of the Lila Forest, and while the usual wild pokemons are present, there will be a wild Politoed for you to capture just in front of the trees to the left. Capture it, then use its field ability, water x 3, to awaken the three Gravelers blocking the way. A Team Go-Go member will show up to fight you with the Gravelers, and simply have to capture them all like your other battles.

Keep moving in the Lila Forest towards the entrance of the Croca Tunnel, and you will be challenged by a few more Team Go-Go members, one with 4 Rattattas, one with 4 Zubats, and another with a Meowth and two Rattattas.

Afterwards, you'll need to capture the wild Swellow in front of the hollow tree, which will help you unearth a Parasect from the ground with its gust x 3 ability. When you do so, you'll encounter another Team Go-Go member with a Scyther. Get to the entrance of the Croca Tunnel, and it is optional to unearth this other Parasect, which doesn't affect this mission in any way.

If you back track to where you fought the previous Team Go-Go member, you'll be challenged again by a Pupitar. Otherwise, jump off the ledges to the left and move back down to the hollow tree. You'll find another opponent, this time with a Politoed and 3 Zubats. Capture them all, and soon you'll be confronted by another one with 3 Rattattas.

After that, head south to the canopy of trees which houses a bush clearable by cut, and you'll face your final opponent in this mission, a Team Go-Go member with a Venusaur and two Scythers. Capture them all again, and return to where you unearthed the Parasect earlier. There should be someone waiting to help you and bring you back to Prof. Shinbara. You'll then learn about the faraway region Shinou, where the egg must be sent to in order to hatch.

Your mission is basically complete at this point, and until you transfer your egg to a D/P game, you can always check on the egg via the Ranger Net option in the main menu. When you are ready to transfer the egg to a D/P game, there is also an option in the Ranger Net menu which allows you to initiate the transfer. Send off the letter there, and when D/P confirms the connection, you will be guided step by step in transferring the egg over. Note that each egg can only be transferred to one single Diamond or Pearl cartridge, and each D/P game can only receive one Manaphy egg.

Understanding and Confronting Deoxys?

This mission begins with the news of Deoxys sudden rampaging near the Croca Tunnel, and your leader, Hayate's failure to capture the pokemon. However, Hayate reveals to you that Deoxys is actually acting out of an injury it is suffering, and bestows upon you this supreme mission.

When you and your Ranger partner encounter Deoxys at the entrance of the Croca Tunnel, it will morph from its normal form to its attack form, and escape into the tunnel. You head in, and confront its attack form just around the corner. Deoxys's attack form will teleport around the screen rapidly while unleashing attacks, and it takes a total of 13 circles to capture it. Using the fighting type pokemon assist from a wild Machop in the cave will help you cut down the total number of circles required.

Once you manage to capture the attack form, it will morph into another form and flee again. You will encounter its defense form once you enter the next room, which is even more difficult to capture since it requires a total of 17 circles, and it will continuously attack with a dark ball of energy. When it sets up its barrier occasionally, your capture lines will not work and you must wait til the barrier is dropped. Machop's pokemon assist will come in handy again here.

After the defense form, Deoxys will morph into its speed form and wait for you in the next room. This form moves very rapidly, but only requires 3 circles to capture. It will randomly attack with three balls of white energy, and the water type pokemon assist from Poliwag will help since it halts Deoxys temporarily with a bubble.

Finally, Deoxys will morph back to its normal form and wait for you in front of the small cave to the deepest chamber of the tunnel. The tricky part with normal Deoxys is that it will randomly morph into any of its other forms, and you can only truly capture it when it is in its normal form. Whenever you capture Deoxys in any of its other forms, it will turn back to its normal form temporarily before it morphs again, and make good use of the timing. When you finally manage to capture Deoxys in its normal form, you will complete your mission.
Save Celebi

Not much is known about this Mission yet. All we know so far is that you have to search for Celebi in a forest and protect it from Team GoGo

Find the Phantom Mew

Not much is known about this Mission yet. All we know so far is that you have to search for Mew in Lila Forest

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