Pokémon Ranger, like Pokémon Dungeon, allows for the continuation of the game by you completing missions which in turn, upgrade your Ranger Rank. Below is a list of the major missions

Tutorial Mission

This first mission requires you to leave Ring Town towards Raira Forest. First you need to follow the steps and capture a nearby Zigzagoon. After that the trees catch fire so you need to Capture Mudkip and use Mudkip to put the fire out

First Mission

This mission requires you to take a person from Ring Town to Fall City. You do this by crossing fields, caves and having to tackle multiple obstacles along the way, sometimes seperating your character from the person you are escorting. Once you're about to get to Fall City however, you have to battle and defeat a Rhydon. Once Defeated, you can go to and have full access to Fall City

Second Mission

The next set of small missions are done within Fall City, all within one big mission. The first small mission is to help a woman enter her house by removing a crate from her door's entry point

Third Mission

The next mission given after completing the previous one, requires you to find 5 Skitty's that are hiding around the town and return them to their owner

Fourth Mission

The next mission requires you to search for a Staryu to help light the basement in one of houses in Fall City

Fifth Mission

Once the above missions are done, a new path is unlocked and you can visit the sewers. This starts a new mission. The sewers are filled with Grimers & a Muk. You have to defeat. Once you have cleared the sewers of these slimey critters...the mission is complete

Sixth Mission

After cleaning the sewers you are given access to a Lapras to allow you to go to the cities quickly, including straight to Summer Town. Once here you will get a mission to search through the jungles for the elusive hidden Pyramid. Once you enter the Pyramid, the mission ends

Seventh Mission

The next mission requires you to go back to Fall City and take the path back to Ring Town. What you need to do is find a strong powerful Pokémon nearby such as Hariyama and use it to destroy the rocks that fell in the cave when you were last there

Eighth Mission

Once there, your next mission takes you back into Raira Forest, following a new path that was previous unaccessible. What you need to do is follow and eventually capture a Murkrow. However it is constantly running away and enters into the main Forest. Defeat Murkrow and the mission is over

Nineth Mission

This mission requires you to return to the Pyramid near SummerTown. When inside you'll find a path that takes you to a place where you need to defeat 4 Powerful Pokémon to light the torches.
First you have to battle a Kingdra which is hidden away behind a path containing Gyarados that shoot Ice Balls at you. If you get hit, you have to start over.
After defeating Kingdra, it is followed by a Flygon, and after defeating Flygon a Salamence is found after a room with switches on the ground releasing Pokémon like Machop & Meowth to defeat obstacles in your path and finally a Charizard. Once you've defeated these four Dragons, the statue of Entei which is surrounded by torches becomes a real life Entei, turning the cavern to flames to make things harder. You need to capture him in order to end the mission

Tenth Mission

This mission requires you to take the Professor into a factory in Fall City. It is filled with Electric Pokémon but you need to release some Pikachu & Raichu but also defeat multiple Ghost Pokémon. Once you have done this, the mission is over

Eleventh Mission

This mission is a long one that begins with you having to take a person afraid of Bug Pokémon into the Jungle, if you see any Bug Pokémon you have to start over. After a point you should arrive at a lake containing a few Magikarp & a Gyarados. Defeat them and you get access into some Icey Caves containing many Ice Pokémon and a Steelix at the end. Defeat the Steelix and your mission should end

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