Pokémon Ranger, like the previous spin-off, Mysterious Dungeon, is set in a whole new land in the Pokémon world, Fiore. Fiore is far away from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn & Orre and it is a mountainous region close to the sea. Below s a list of the areas in Fiore

Ring Town

Ring Town is the town you start in. It has a group of Rangers led by Hayate who recruits you into being a Pokémon Ranger. Ring Town is by Raira Forest where your first Mission takes place

Raira Forest

Raira Forest is just by Ring Town. In it you have to do your first mission as set by Hayate to test your Ranger Skills. There is a Pokémon lost in the forest, can you return it to it's trainer?

Fall City

Fall City is on the east coast of Fiore and holds the major port of the region. Fall City has the Lucky Clock Tower in the North and has a group of Pokémon Rangers led by Joe & Aria

Summer Town

Summer Town is a Mysterious Place that is a tourist spot. It is by a massive Jungle which contain many unique species of Pokémon. It also has a set of ruins. It's Ranger Union is led by a guy called Kamuri

Summer Land Ruins

The Ruins in Summer Land are a perfect place for any budding Pokémon Ranger to test their skills, get Wild Pokémon to help you and just hone your skills

Shikura Mountains

The Shikura Mountain Range are to the North of Fiore. At the peak of the Mountain is an ancient sacred Shrine which never opens. There are many kinds of Wild Pokémon here that may be able to help you

Win Town

At the bottom of the Shikura Mountain Range is Win Town, a town with stone built houses to resist the cold. Win Town's Ranger Union is led by a lady called Erida


Fiore also has a multitude of Beaches...these Beaches hold rare and unique Pokémon Species

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