The Trainer Tower is Located just north of Island 7. However this Trainer Tower is a lot different to the Battle Tower of Ruby/Sapphire.

In Japan it's contents change depending on the e-cards. Click here for details, second it has set trainers for areas

However in the US they have 8 floors and 4 different kinds of battles. Use the Menu above to go to the US Pages.

Downstairs is a Pokémon Center and a PokéMart in case you need to stock up.
When you are ready to battle head straight to the back of the building, a lady behind the counter will stop you and then let you proceed

Make note that the rules are slightly different in this tower since once you have finished a battle you may go back downstairs to heal your Pokémon or buy some items before continuing up the tower, However if you leave the building you will have to start over again.

Here are the DEFAULT Japanese Floors Floors Step By Step. Note, the Pokémon Levels are the same as your Highest Pokémon

This is a relatively straightforward floor as there is only 1 trainer, However do not be deceived by thinking its going to be easy. Fighting, Electric, Rock and Ice moves help here.

Youngster Raticate Golbat

Floor 2 with 2 trainers (in 1 Battle) again not too hard, If you have a Grass Pokémon then this battle should be a breeze

Young Couple Slowbro Marowak

Floor 3 has 3 trainers coincidentally, for you to beat however they are 1 after another so make sure you heal your pokémon during battle.

Camper Primeape
Camper Venomoth
Bird Keeper Dodrio

Looks more or less like the 1st floor and only has 1 trainer for you to defeat.

Tamer Sandslash Arbok

Nothing up here except a person who congratulates you, you don't get anything for it though which is a bit of a let down really but you have now completed battle tower.

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