Check In Bonuses

In one of the smaller features of the game, the Check In, you will often receive data from the Internet about various things going on the Internet, as well as receiving a daily 500 coin bonus. However, there is more to this than just the receiving of 500 coins each day. The Check In feature is capable of quite a lot.

Most notably, you may receive word of an update to the game, this will give you a prompt to download the update and will run it in the game.

Alternatively, the developers will occasionally boost a special bonus into Checking In, either if you have achieved a certain milestone or a special gift will be sent.

Check-In Bonuses

Picture Gift Details Duration
Coin 1000 Coins Check in 10 days in a row Always
Jewel 1 Jewel Special Gift
Apology for issues that plagued the game in version 1.0.1
February 21st 2015 - March 20th 2015
Complexity -1 Complexity -1 Special Gift
Gift to commemorate 1,000,000 games downloaded
March 2nd 2015 - March 30th 2015
Distruption Delay Disruption Delay Special Gift
Gift to commemorate 2,500,000 games downloaded
March 23rd 2015 - April 20th 2015
Complexity -1 Complexity -1 Special Gift
Gift to commemorate 4,000,000 games downloaded
May 25th 2015 - June 22nd 2015
Exp. Points x1.5 Exp. Points x1.5 * 5 Special Gift
Gift to commemorate release of Pokémon Shuffle 3DS Theme
June 1st 2015 - August 3rd 2015
Mega Speedup Mega Speedup Special Gift
Gift to commemorate first Escalation Battle
June 8th 2015 - July 6th 2015
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