Pokémon Shuffle is different to its predecessors in that there are various items that you can use in order to improve gameplay. These items can be purchased using coins in the in-game shop and can fully aid the gameplay. Below is a list of all the items known.

Image Name Effect Cost
Attack Power Attack Power Up Doubles the damage you inflict 3000 Coins
Complexity -1 Complexity -1 Removes 1 of your party Pokémon from the game board 9000 Coins
Disruption Delay Disruption Delay Prevents the opponent Pokémon from attacking for multiple turns 1500 Coins
Exp. Points x1.5 Exp. Points x1.5 Increases the experience your Pokémon earn in battle by 50% 300 Coins
Mega Start Mega Start Starts your Mega Evolution Gauge at full 2000 Coins
Moves +5 Moves +5 Gives you 5 extra moves to use in the stage 800 Coins
Time Limit +10 Time Limit +10 Gives you 10 more seconds to the clock 800 Coins

Enhancements were first spotted in Version 1.2.0 when a candy was seen next to all Mega Evolved Pokémon. From Version 1.2.2, you can start to get these enhancements through the Escalation Battles and through competitions. These enhancements will boost your Pokémon, boot are limited to a one-time use, though the effect continues forever in the game.

Image Name Effect
Exp. Booster S Exp. Booster S Increases your Pokémon's Exp. Points by a small amount - +50
Exp. Booster M Exp. Booster M Increases your Pokémon's Exp. Points by a moderate amount - +200
Exp. Booster L Exp. Booster L Increases your Pokémon's Exp. Points by a large amount - +1,000
Level Up Level Up Increases your Pokémon's Level by 1
Mega Speed Up Mega Speed Up Lowers the amount of matches needed to Mega Evolve
Raise Max Level Raise Max Level Allows for the Pokémon to go above Level 10 by 1 level per item
Skill Booster M Skill Booster S Increases your Pokémon's Skill Gauge by a small amount
Skill Booster M Skill Booster M Increases your Pokémon's Skill Gauge by a moderate amount
Skill Swapper Skill Swapper Switches a Pokémon's Skill