Academy Card

Much like in the main Pokémon games, Pokémon Art Academy has its own trainer card of sorts. This card is known as your Academy Card and shows the progress you make through the completion of the Art Academy Lessons. Like the Trainer Cards in the main games, there are multiple different colours and styles to these cards. You get a specific rank listed at the top and it marks how many lessons and mini-lessons you have completed.

In addition to this, you have the ability to mark your own signature on this card, and have your own name on it. These can be changed at any time during the game within the settings menu.

Quick Draw Lessons

Picture Rank Unlock Method
Photo Entry CardAvailable from the Beginning
Photo Novice CourseComplete the Starter exercise
Photo Apprentice CourseComplete the Novice Course
Photo Graduate CourseComplete the Apprentice Course
Photo Illustration MasterComplete the Graduate Course
Photo Grand MasterComplete all lessons, mini-lessons and Quick Draw lessons