Free Paint

Free Paint mode is the main mode that most players will use on Pokémon Art Academy. In this mode, you are able to create any image you wish, with the ability to use templates as frame of reference.

When you first enter this mode, Andy will unlock all the features and tools for you to use, regardless of how far you have got in the lessons in the game.

On the top screen, you have the ability to view any template or image you have loaded up, or see a full version of your current piece of artwork. This is done by pressing the X Button. As usual, you draw using the bottom screen of the Nintendo 3DS.

Free Paint - Starting

When you boot up Free Paint mode, you will be given an option of a variety of features. These include a full list of all templates you have unlocked. Above this, you also have the ability to download any new templates that are being offered through the Nintendo Network online service.

You're not limited to these, however. You can also select going in with a blank slate, so you have no form of reference. Alternatively, you can use an image from your SD card as a frame of reference. This can be an image that you have captured with the 3DS camera, or one that you have saved in the folder.

When you select a template, you also have the option of bringing in a saved image that you have already started in order to continue with your work.

Free Paint - Tools

The tools you have at your disposal are the standard ones you find in this game. You have the outline marker & eraser, as well as the marker, pencil, airbrush, pastel, paintbrush, smudge stick and the eraser. This is brought up from the tapping the bottom right of the game. At the top, you will have standard colours for the template at your disposal, but you have the ability to expand this. You can use the pippet to pick up colours you have used or that are in the background, or bring up an entire tileset of new colours, or use a colour wheel to get a specific colour. All colours in the RGB range are available for you to use.

Colour WheelColour Palette
Free Paint - Menu

When you pause, you get a specific menu of various things you can do. These are mostly standard including exit and saving, but there are a few noteworthy aspects. First is the background feature. When you select this option, you get three further options. First is to select a pre-created background. These are all unlocked gradually as you complete the various lessons and mini-lessons within the game. Next, you can select a flat colour from the colour wheel and finally you can bring in a background from your SD card.

Next is a rather simple feature, the clearing of the canvas. This will remove all of the work you have done. Finally, there are settings based on whether or not noise is made when you are drawing.

Background Menu