Play Data

Like the main Pokémon games, Pokémon Battle Trozei contains a trainer card of sorts. This is accessed via the main menu and keeps track of your scores and details from the game, and brings in your console's Mii name and location. On this screen, you can also select your favourite Pokémon which is to be sent via StreetPass. There are multiple categories that it stores data from, and each one can gain a crown after you have reached a specific point.

  • Play Time - The time you have spent playing the game
  • Stages Cleared - Lists the amount of unique stages you have cleared
  • Largest Combo - Shows the biggest combo you have made in the game
  • Cleared Trozei Boxes - Shows the amount of Trozei Boxes you have cleared in one combo
  • High Score - Shows the highest score achieved in a single level
  • Pokédex - Details the percentage of Pokémon captured
  • StreetPass - Shows the amount of people you have StreetPassed

In addition to this, like the main games, the colour of the play card changes the more crowns you get.

Play Data Card Colours

Start 1 Crown 2 Crowns 3 Crowns 4 Crowns
White Pink Green