With most spin-off games, the capturing of Pokémon has been relatively straight forward, without any additional features. However, Pokémon Battle Trozei takes advantage of the Nintendo 3DS's clock, and has several Pokémon appear on specific occasions.

Time of Day

First, there are a few levels where various Pokémon will only appear between specific times in the day. This matches their appearances in both aesthetics and in-game so you can easily guess what Pokémon is where. Day runs from 8am to 8pm and Night runs from 8pm to 8am

Stage Day Night
Zone 4: Sky-High Ruins
Stage 4
Solrock Lunatone
Zone 8: Distortion Island
Stage 1
Espeon Lunatone

Another instance is a daily change. After completing Zone 3, you will unlock the Safari Jungle. This Zone will unlock. As you progress through the game, after Zone 6 you will unlock the second stage and completion of the game unlocks the final stage. The stages increase in difficulty with Stage 1 being relatively easy, and Stage 3 sending multiple powerful Pokémon at you.

The Pokémon that you will find change on the passing of each day. Each of the seven days of the week has got a specific roster of Pokémon for capture, requiring you to be sure to play each day in order to fill your Pokédex. The Safari Jungle runs just like the other stages and has hidden Pokémon that require high combos to access.

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