Pokémon Conquest shares a lot with the main series games with trainers befriending Pokémon and then battling them. However, battling them is completely different and runs off of different mechanics than the main series games. Since Pokémon Conquest is a tactical RPG, you need to think tactically in terms of positioning for your Pokémon.

Each battle has its own victory conditions, meaning that pure defeat of the opponent may not mean that you win the battle and earn the kingdom. Examples of victory conditions are "Defeat all the Pokémon" or "Collect all the flags". These battles are turn-based, just like in the main games. The mechanics are as follows.

Choosing Pokémon

Throughout the game, you will conquer various lands and befriend numerous different Pokémon warriors. From this, each warrior can only use one Pokémon each, but you can use six warriors in combat. You will need to decide the best six characters to join in this combat. Type advantage, movement abilities and support all need to be considered when choosing.


In each turn, you have the ability to move your Pokémon. The distance the Pokémon can travel depends solely upon the Pokémon itself and cannot bypass obstacles. However, if it is a Flying-type Pokémon, it has the ability to jump over certain gaps and over certain obstacles. To move the Pokémon, you just select the Pokémon you wish to move and then select the area you wish to place it.

While that's simple enough, the position of the Pokémon and the enemy Pokémon need to be considered. As it's turn-based, if you move within the area they can attack, they will likely attack you before you can get a chance.


If you're within range of an enemy Pokémon, you will be able to use a move against them. Each Pokémon has different moves with which they can attack the opponents. Like the main games, you need to factor in type advantages. All the type combinations are in the game and the types are weak and strong against the same types as the main series Pokémon games.

Each attack has a different range. Some can do damage from a distance while others need the Pokémon to be right next to the opponent. A list of the moves will come at launch.


As you go through the game, you will collect a number of items, which you can give to the warriors in your command to allow them to give the Pokémon the item within the combat zone. These items vary in use and can boost stats, heal Hit Points and do much more. We'll provide a list of the items when the game is released.

Items can also be found on the ground after you have defeated an opponent Pokémon.

Warlords Power

Finally, each trainer has got their own special powers, similar to abilities in the main games, which can aid you in combat. These powers vary in use and can range from increasing movement distance or restoring a Pokémon's Hit Points. A list of powers shall come at game launch